Rights and Respects of the Prophet [Trailer]

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    Assalaamu alaykum -

    a new VCD of Mujahid e Ahle Sunnat, Hazrat'e Allama Mufti AbdunNabi Hamidi will be released within the coming weeks both on VCD and on YouTube, as part of the MadaniRevolution project. In this timely and important lecture, Mufti AbdunNabi Hamidi deals with many prominent questions of this time, including:

    what is the ruling on the person who insults the Prophet?

    should, in this time, our priority be "Muslim unity" or holding firm to the true credentials of faith?

    how is it to address the Prophet as an "ordinary man"?

    what of those people who object to the Mawlid gatherings?

    and many more, providing the clear evidences and analogies to shatter the fortress of falsehood certain parties have hidden behind for so long.

    The trailer can be viewed at:



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