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    30 Aug 2011

    New Delhi:[India] Delhi Police is in the process of acquiring its own internet monitoring system, capable of directly accessing emails, chats and other web content posted by a suspect as well as tapping into net communications through mobile phones.Delhi Police floats global tender for Internet interception system capable of directly accessing emails, chats and web content of suspects.
    It would also track net communications through mobiles Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may be out of bounds as these follow US federal laws.

    FB tracks sites you visit even after logging off

    New York: Facebook has reportedly admitted tracking which sites its users visit even after they log off, thanks to plug-ins and cookies.
    Facebook, which has more than 800 million active users, also keeps close track of where millions of non-members of the social networking site go on the web, even after they visit a webpage for any reason only once, USA Today reported.

    To do this, it relies on tracking cookie technologies similar to the controversial systems used by Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Yahoo and others in the online advertising industry, Arturo Bejar, Facebook's engineering director, was quoted as saying.

    Here's how it works: Every time one logs onto Facebook it inserts a “session cookie” and a “browser cookie” into one's browser. If one visits the site without signing up on the browser, cookie is inserted. From that point on, each time you visit a site which uses Facebook technology, the cookie alerts Facebook to the date, time and URL of the page you are viewing. The unique characteristics like one’s IP address, screen resolution, operating system and browser version, are also recorded by the social networking site, it said.
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    The Following Chart was found freely available on the Internet at on October 2, 2006 and is archived here in case it falls off the Internet in the future so that it can be available for scholarship, research, and educational use for those previously expressing a desire to study it in accordance with the "fair use" provision of the Copyright Act U.S.C. Title 17 Section 107.

    Jews Control 97% of the media

    see the attached chart


    The source link has many interesting and informative post on this topic.

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    PHOTO FINISH: An orthodox Jewish newspaper, Di Tzeitung, on Monday apologized for digitally deleting secretary of state Hillary Clinton from a photo of president Obama and his staff monitoring the raid by Navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden. The Brooklyn weekly said since it doesn’t publish images of women, it printed the doctored photo on Friday.

    Points to be noted:

    1. Suppression of women's rights. This is happening in USA and in the 21st century.!!

    2.The media reports that the photo of Hillary Clinton was deleted. But media failed to note that there was another lady standing at the back, whose photograph was also deleted.Which means if you are not a powerful woman like Hillary, you won't be noticed!


    ( Those who can't view the picture here , please click the above link)

    So a Jewish newspaper can employ the policy of not publishing photograph of women in the newspaper and can still be a part of american culture, but when a muslim woman wants to practice her religion she becomes a "fundamenstalist"?

    They are hypocrites , just like wahabis!

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    In another blow to the Islamic Republic's oil business, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said it will not facilitate payments for Iranian crude imports as global pressure on Tehran grows over its nuclear programme.

    Although United Nations sanctions do not forbid buying Iranian oil, the US has pressed hard for governments and companies to stop dealing with Tehran. Many oil majors and banks have stopped their dealings since then.
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    On 18th May 2007, a powerful bomb explosion took place in a masjid in the Hyderabad city of India.

    The next day , on the front page the news was :

    SIMI main suspect, say intelligence agencies

    The Students’ Islamic Movement of India is the main suspect in the Malegaon-type attack on Mecca Masjid, according to intelligence agencies. Deendar Anjuman, another banned outfit which was found involved in similar atrocities in the past and which has been quite active around Hyderabad, may have played the supporting role, suspect sources.

    After years of investigation it has come to the light that not only this blast was triggered by brahmin fundamentalist (saffron terrorisim), but also similar blast at shrine at Ajmer sherif was carried by the same brahmin fundamentalist group.

    Now the news is ( 23 dec 2010)

    New Delhi, Dec 23 (PTI) The CBI today questioned senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar for over five hours here in connection with the bomb explosion at the Hyderabad''s iconic Mecca Masjid in 2007 that left nine persons dead and 70 injured.

    Kumar was questioned in detail about his organisation and his links with certain individuals who are allegedly connected with the blast, CBI sources said.

    Those who are keeping a track know that police has found soilid evidence of indulgence of Saffron terror group in this and other blast.

    Please note: RSS is a hindu terror group, only male hindus who are bachelor can become its member.

    Let us hope the culprits will be brought to book and will not roam freely , as is the case with those who destroyed the babri Masjid.

    Brothers from India should think of starting something related with all this on interent. We know pen is mightier than the sword!

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    Times of India which is a leading Indian English Newspaper takes pride in publishing biased artcile and reporting against Islam and Muslims.

    Its coverage in Ayodhya issue was like a spokesperson of a Hindu group.

    A recent remark by a Jewish Rabbi was not covered by most of the Indian newspaper.

    It can be read here

    Where as some unknown or may be self proclaimed Islamic scholar makes a comment which may be wrong or against "modern society" it gets full coverage in media.
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    Italian town considering ban of miniskirts, low-cut tops for clean image

    Fri, Oct 22 02:10 PM


    This is a positive sign towards giving respect to women in the western world where women is made to walk in less clothes in fashion parade.

    But if some Muslim organisation or group would have said the same thing , many woman's right group would have come forwarded shouting slogans against Islam and Muslims. ( Recall the Iranian Cleric Fatwa)


    Now I am waiting to see how many woman's group shout against this proposed fine.

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