Rumi Revival in Iran

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  1. assalamu alayum Sidi wadood,

    thanks for the info. i never knew who Baba Taher was! I have seen his rubaiyaat in many farsi bookshops. rahmatullah alayhi!

    thanks also for the list of farsi contributors to islam...

  2. Wadood

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    The Enlightened Maqam of Syedina Baba Taher Oryan Hamedani :ra:
  3. Wadood

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    assalam 'alaykom Sidi Asif,

    Sidi, I wanted to tell you that the mystic shepherd, known as Baba Taher, is most likely the 'Arif BilAllah, the Wali of Allah sbt

    Sheikh Baba Taher Oryan Hamedani :ra:

    I have mentioned his name in my list in the Persian Contribution thread.

    your bro

  4. assalamu alaykum

    click below for an interesting article on the revival of Mawlana Rumi rahmatullah alayhi in Shi'ite Iran:,3858,5034307-110738,00.html

    Iran was, for most of its' history a stronghold of Sunni Sufi Islam.

    Masnavi -ye- Ma'navi e Mevlevi

    Qu'ran dar zaban i Pahlavi

    -Hazrat Jami's verdict on Hazrat Rumi's Masnavi Sharif

    (The Masnavi of Mawlana (Rumi)/Is the Qur'an in Middle Persian (Pahlavi))

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