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  1. Alf

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    If you are hanafi then jummah is not fard for you in the USA. However, I suggest you consult a mufti for your exact situation.
  2. Shadman

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    The preposed scenario is a fiqh question. I suggest you to private message Shaykh Abu Hasan. May Allah make it easy for you.
  3. Ayyub H.

    Ayyub H. New Member

    Or do I pray the two rakat of jummah and then make up a dhuhr, and in this scenario am I sinful for praying the 2 rakat behind him?

    Should I have put this in the fiqh section?
  4. Ayyub H.

    Ayyub H. New Member

    Example: I come to the masjid for jummah prayer(which is an obligation for me) he steps up to the mimbar to deliver the khutba and lead the prayer, am I supposed to just get up and leave, and in that scenario is the obligation of jummah lifted from me?
  5. Ayyub H.

    Ayyub H. New Member

    I appreciate the links, ive already watched all of Shaykh Asrar Rashid's lectures on creed, at least this one and sanusi, I am not unaware of such statements being unacceptable such as anthropomorphism, and attribution of sin, which is an impossibility for prophets. Unfortunately there are no scholars in my area. My question relates more to what to do after one is reasonably certain of a persons deviant beliefs.
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    walaykum salam

    such a person is certainly a deviant, at the least, and it is not permitted to pray behind him.
  8. Ayyub H.

    Ayyub H. New Member

    Assalamu alaykum, while this post is really a fiqh question I it relates to aqida and i figured i would be more likely to get a response if it was placed on this category.

    There is a brother in my community (which is small, the masjid is a house, we have no imam, and most of the regular members are wahabi leaning though not explicitly so or intentionally[free Darussalam books line the "library"]) who regularly leads the prayer(though at random times), and often delivers the khutbah. About a year after becoming Muslim my mother passed away, I told him about this; In his attempt to comfort me (I assumed) he began to tell me about how Allah would extinguish the hellfire "with his foot" and then lightly stomped with his foot to demonstrate. I had not heard of nor was I comfortable with this, but assumed he was just telling me this and did not truly believe it himself. Recently in one of his khutbahs he said that prophet Adam(peace be upon him) commited a sin by eating of the tree In garden and said "this was original sin of mankind" (or something to that effect) I know that sin cannot be attributed to prophets and am now seriously questioning the soundness of the brother's creed. Is there any Ruqsa in any of the madahib that allows me to pray my own fard prayer while in congregation while he is leading the jummah or other prayers or do I need to just stop going to the masjid here?

    Any advice would be appreciated, JazakAllah Khairan.
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