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  1. AR Ahmed

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    Any updates?
  2. Haqbahu

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  3. Thnxx to Janab FR subhani sb
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    @hassan attari, are you copying and pasting a statement from somewhere else, or that is your own personal comment for the forum?
  5. hassan attari

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    الحمد لله تعالى حققت الجزء الأول من ذالك الكتاب وطبع بدار النعمان كراتشي وتم تحقيق وتحريح الجزء الثاني ويطبع إن شاء الله تعالى
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    i posted a link here, i guess it is the same work brother FRUSBHANI has mentioned above.
  7. Haqbahu

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    Any updates?
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    Does anyone have any updates on the progress of the arabic prints of this work? A copy of Volume 2 reached Yemen at the hands of Sayyid Abdal Ubaidullah al-Hasani (hafidhahullah) and was highly praised by the Mufti of the Ahnaaf in Zabid. May Allah (azza wa jall) cause the hadith works of the Ahl al-Sunnah to spread in the Arab world.
  9. sunnistudent

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    Sahih al Bihari with Takhreej

    Vol 2: Kitab al Taharat ( Arabic)

    The book can be obtained from

    Dar al Numan, Near Maktaba al qadriya
    Purani Sabzi Mandi, Karachi, Pakistan

    Please note the Urdu translation of this( Vol 2 ) is available in India and soon will be available in Pakistan.

    Vol 1 : Kitab al aqaid ( Arabic )
    This is in press now.

    Vol 3: Kitab al salat.

    The Urdu translation of Vol 3 has started.

    Insha Allah Vol 3 ( arabic) will be published along with Urdu translation.

    This is very imporant book for ahnaaf, as the author has argued on every point from the usool of hadith. A solid blow to psudo salafis who are enemies of hanafis in sub continent.
  10. This will be nice, insha Allah. Do let us know if there are PDF copies available...
  11. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    In India and Pakistan only the second volume of Sahih al Bihari has been published. This contains only Kitab al taharat. It was published by Mawlana Siraj Azhar. It is a lithograph edition.

    Dawate islami ( pakistan) is now publishing this same volume in high quality computer print. Mawlana Usaid al haq qadri azhari has written foreward for this new edition and Shaykh Mukhtaruddin arzoo has also written foreward.

    The new edition which will be available insha Allah soon, has all the references of the hadith.

    Insha Allah its soft copy might be uploaded on internet.

    When I talked to Shaykh Mukhtaruddin Arzoo he told me the original complete set was in 6 volumes.

    He first found volume 2 ( kitab al taharat) which was published.

    Then he found first volume ( kitab al aqaid) later, which he said , has been handed over to scholars , so that it can be checked and published.

    I have vol 2 ( kitab al taharat). It is a must book for all those who are interested in getting ahadith evidence for hanafi fiqh ruling.

    Many deobandi scholars tried /still trying to look for its manuscript so that they can publish! But deobandis did not get the manuscript .
  12. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    even the author of ila al-sunan, zafar usmani thanwi, said he took the layout and presentation of his book from mawlana bihari's sahih al-bihari.


    sahihul bihari project

    assalamoalaikum w.r.w.b.

    how do u do? dearest!
    my self, i m subhani from india, studying at Al-Azhar University, cairo, egypt.

    i saw ur text in masabih islamic forum regarding SAHIHUL BIHARI of MALEKUL ULAMA ZAFARUDDIN BIHARI alaiherrahma.
    for ur kind attention i would like to add about this book.
    that i m working on sahihul bihari here in egypt.n that is to complete shortly, inshaallah. my work is TAKHREEJ TAHQEEQ TASHKEEL( ERAAB),-ATRAFUL AHADEES( HADEES CONTENTS), ATRAFUL SAHABA( SAHABA CONTENTS) n etc.

    i m working on it since 2 years. n now alhamdulillah this work is in final stage.

    in india only 2nd volume which contains KITABUL TAHARAT was printed, n 1st vol which contains KITABUL AQAED has not been printed yet.

    i m doing work on both vol.

    n u'll surprise that my work has been spreaded near about 10 volume of this 2 vol.i mean about 6500 pages.

    in this week i m going back india,specialy for this project ,
    b4 a couple of week i talked PROF.MUKHTARUDDIN ARZOO in aligarh u.p. son of MALEKUL ULAMA , n told him abt my work, then he agreed to show the original manuscript of SAHIHUL BIHARI, so i'll go there n match my work wid the original manuscript , this is only for not having any mistake in work as far i can mentain.

    inshaallah i'll be back to egypt after 2 months for finalizing this project inshaallah.

    n it is my wish to publish this precious book from popular publisher in egypt or beirut.

    but it will b very expensive, then also i hope that Allah will help me.

    u know that this book was published in india more than 3 times but no value. n if this will be published in arab countries it will be more valuable than we think.inshaallah.

    rest is best.
    i hope to hear soon from u.

    keep me in ur precious dua.

    wassalam o alaikum w.r.w.b.

    ur brother

    subhani f.r.
    al-azhar university
  14. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    I heard Sayyid Mufakkir-e-Islam mention it and praised it as an excellent work.
  15. Aqdas

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    this is the 6 volume masterpiece by malik al-'ulama mawlana zafar al-din bihari ridawi - student and khalifa of alaHazrat.

    it is a compilation of hadith in support of the hanafi madhab and much work is currently being done by indian sunni scholars to bring it into the madrasa curriculum.

    the book has been praised by ghayr muqallid's such as thanaullah amratsari.

    if anyone has information regarding it, please let us know. i will try to find the periodical - probably jaam e noor - that had quite a lot of information about it.

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