Samah (Spinning/dancing of Sufis)

Discussion in 'Hadith' started by faqir, Sep 3, 2006.

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    as-salamu alaikum

    the hadith from the musnad of Ahmad was classed as da'eef by Shuayb Arnaut in his tahqeeq.

    when SF is back up you can try and ask sidi Abul Hasan what some of the other scholars of hadith thought because there does appear to be some difference amongst them about it.

    as for the other hadith you mentioned - does anyone have a reference for it?

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    Hm the Link does not really help me brother Aqdas. I dont speak the language used in the video that seems to contain all the info in that thread you posted.

    (turkish, german or english are ok, rest is a problem :D)
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    JazakAllah khair for the fast replies. But can you provide me with some real details? Would be extremely interesting to see, that Samah is mentioned in a Sahih, Hasan, or even "only" dhaif hadith, since it is something that wahabis today are attacking very hard. German internet is totaly ruled by them and we are trying to refute them and building up a new ahlu sunnah webside. So it would be very useful to have some details on that topic. Inshah Allahu Teala u can help us.
    ( I have to admit, you already are helping with other topics on masabih and other english ahlu sunna websides, so JazakAllah khair for that my dear brothers. :) )
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    the second narration was quoted by dr tahir ul qadri in his dawra e sahih bukhari. i'm not sure whether the hadith is from bukhari, perhaps its not and dr tahir ul qadri was using this hadith to explain another hadith from bukhari. perhaps the one where the habshis were dancing in the prophets mosque and aisha wanted to see it.

    sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam wa radiyallahu ta'ala anha
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  6. :s1:

    Brother, welcome to sunniport! I have heard the second hadith you quoted mentioned also by Allama Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Irfan Shah Mashadi, one of the topmost Sunni ulama in the UK today, so am confident about its authenticity .
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    Selamu Aleykum,

    I recently found the following passage in a book and I wanted to know if the quoted Ahadith und Statements of Scholars are authentic. The topic is “Samah”, the mystic “dance” of Sufis.
    (I translated it from turkish to english, so it may sound a little funny, since my english is not the best…)


    Sheikh Abdullah ibn Eschref ibn Muhammed el-Misri, known as Abdullah el-Rumi. With Ijazat from As-Seyyid Husayin el-Bagdadi, who has Ijazat from Sahabeddin Ahmed, who has Ijazat from Husameddin Schah Schaqiq, who has Ijazat from Schemseddin Muhammed, who has Ijazat from Abdukadir Geylani.
    He writes in his Book “Muzakkin Nufus” page 406 (published bei "Merve Yayinlari" in Turkey) the following, regarding “Samah” :

    Anas ibn Malik (radiAllahu anh) narrates, that one day Jibreel came to Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem), and said: “Ya Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem), the poor of your Ummah will enter Jennah 500 years before the rich”
    Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) liked this very much and He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) said:
    “Is there under you anyone who can recite a poem?”
    A bedouin immediately stood up and said:
    “Yes, I can Rasulullah
    (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) !”
    Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) said:
    The bedouin began to recite.
    When he was reciting, Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) stood up and His Companions with him. He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) moved so strong, that his woolen cloth fell off. Whenn He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) stopped, everybody else sat down. Therefore Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan (radiAllahu anh) said:
    How beautifully you moved ya Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem)!”
    Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) answered:
    “Who can remain sitting, when he is hearing the dhikr of the friend?”
    They wanted to give him his woolen cloth back, but He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) said:
    “That, what falls off while in state of Samah and Waj, is not the property of the owner anymore, but it belongs the friend”. So the woolen cloth was divided into 400 pieces.

    From that, we understand that state of Samah and Waj is acceptable. The soundness of this hadith ist clear and in it there is no doubt. It is contained in the famous books of Hadith.


    Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal narrates a Hadith, that is narrated by Ali ibn Talib (radiAllahu anh):
    “Ali (radiAllahu anh) says: “Zeyd, Jafer and me came to Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem). He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) said to Zeyd: “You are my servant!” Therefore Zeyd stood up and began to spin/rotate/dance (my english is not the best, you excuse me inshah Allah) Then He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) said to Jafer: “You look like me in your creation !” So he also stood up and began to rotate/dance. Then He (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) turned to me and said: “You are from me and I am from you.” Therefore I also began to rotate/spin/dance.
    Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal says: „This Hadith shows, that it is acceptable, that someone rotates or dances wenn he reaches “Batin”. (I don’t know if Batin is turkish,I think it means something like inner completion of iman or so.)
    Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi we sellem) says: “Whoever hears the Dhikr of his friend and does not stand up and move, that one ist not “Kerim” (merciful).”


    Thats it, i hope u can help me out on this.

    Ve Selamu Aeykum ve Rahmetullahi ve Berakatuh

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