Sayyidah Ayishah رضي الله عنها

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    Some narrations say Lady Ayishah Siddiqah passed away on 17 Ramadan. How exquisitely does #Alahazrat write four couplets in her praise:

    Bint e Siddiq ārām e jān e Nabiy
    Us harīm e barā'at pe lakhon salam

    Daughter of the truthful, solace to the life of the Prophet;
    Endless salutations upon that exonerated wife

    Yáni hai sūrah e nūr jin ki gawāh
    Un ki pur nūr sūrat pe lakhon salam

    That is, the one whose proof is the chapter of light;
    Endless salutations upon her radiant being

    Note: wordplay of sūrah e nūr (chapter 24 of the Quran) and pur nūr sūrat. The Arabic word, Sūrah is with a س and the Urdu word for being/countenance, sūrat is with a ص.

    Jin meiń rūhu'l qudus bey ijāzat nah jāyeń
    Un suradiq ki ísmat pe lakhon salam

    In which the angel Jibril won't enter without permission;
    Endless salutations upon that purified dwelling

    The grave of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ was dug in the quarters of Sayyidah Ayishah رضي الله عنها which even the archangel Jibril wouldn't enter without permission.

    Sham'é tāban e kāshānah e ijtihād
    Mufti e chār millat pe lakhon salam

    The illuminated torch, abode of legal derivation;
    Endless salutations upon the mufti of the four eras

    Sayyidah Ayishah was a mujtahidah and issued rulings in the period of all four caliphs.
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