Sayyidah Khadijah رضي الله عنها

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    Siyyamā pahli māń kahf e amn o amāń
    Haqq guzār e rifāqat pe lakhon salam

    Especially, the first mother, cave of safety and security;
    Endless salutations on the one who fulfilled the rights of companionship

    Notice #Alahazrat's wordplay: siyyamā, māń, amāń

    Arsh se jis pe taslīm nāzil huwi
    Us sarāye salamat pe lakhon salam

    Upon whom salutations were sent from the divine throne;
    Endless salutations upon that embodiment of peace

    Manzilu'n min qaşab la naşab la şakhab
    Ayse koshak ki zīnat pe lakhon salam

    An abode of pearls, no difficulties, no noise;
    Endless salutations upon the beauty of such a residence

    #Alahazrat points towards hadith in both couplets. First, Sayyidah #Khadijah was sent salutations by Allah ta'ala Himself. Second, she was promised a home in paradise made of pearls wherein there will be no difficulty or noise.
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