Secrets Of The Mouth.

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    The tongue mirrors the soul. When it speaks the truth, the soul becomes luminous, and when it lies, it becomes crooked. The rectitude of a crooked soul is to rectitude the tongue. True faith can only be attained with a true soul, a true soul can only be attained with a true tongue. So, guard the tongue.

    - Imam Al- Ghazali Alayhi Rahma (1058-1111)
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    It is said, 'Bahram was sitting beneath a tree, when he heard the chirping of a bird. He shot it down dead, and then began to say, 'Guarding the tongue is beneficial for both humans and birds. If this bird had taken care of its tongue, it would have not been killed. (Mustatraf, pp. 147, vol. 1)
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    Assalam alaikum,
    The mouth is said to be a holy opening for sustenance, breathing and speaking. In the Hadith, we find teachings of the Holy Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, to the effect that controlling the opening of the mouth [speech] is of the highest concern and can earn tremendous reward or eternal doom. The food we eat is filled with energy, radio waves and electromagnetic radiation.

    Whatever is in the atmosphere and emitting from creation is absorbed in the food we eat and air we breath. This energy collects in the mouth and will try to be absorbed by the teeth and then sent into the body.... from where it goes to the heart and into the blood, and then to the stomach area. If this energy is bad or of negative energy, then physical and/or spiritual sickness occur.

    We should, therefore, safeguard our mouth by:--

    (a) Eating only lawful food [HALAL].

    (b) Abstain from forbidden foods and beverages [HARAM].

    (c) Speaking good words [TRUTHFULNESS].

    (d) Reduce/Curtail anger, and

    (e) Keeping our tongue moist with/in Zikrullah.
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