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  1. but is bashar al asad is a believer -- isn't he a nusayri?
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    Al-Bouti: Organization of Islamic Cooperation and AL Legal Personality Representatives Disregard God's Words

    Nov 19, 2011

    DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Dr. Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti said that those who represent the legal personality of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Arab League disregard God's commands and words which prohibited resort to enemies for settling issues.

    In the Friday sermon aired by the Syrian TV, al-Bouti said "They transfer the problem to the enemies of God and His religion…to Bernard Levy and the US which serves Zionism.''

    Dr. al-Bouti added that they have violated God's commands that believers have to settle their differences and stand side by side against enemies.

    M. Ismael

  3. shukran!

    i just had one question regarding the 'syrian national council' -- it looks a little dodgy. does it accurately represent the people?
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    jazak Allah khair for sharing
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    The following comment was posted on the Shaykh's facebook page 10 hrs ago. The Shaykh has performed the Hajj pilgrimage in recent weeks.

    After some thought I decided this deserved a thread of its own (instead of Beast-men thread) to bring it to people's attention

    The Collapse of Syrian Regime at its own hands

    By Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

    The decisions taken by the Arab league yesterday are alarms to the end of the Syrian regime; and a warning that Arabs' move will be stronger than what all expected. These decisions are proofs that the Syrian regime... is about to collapse. They actually have drawn the beginning of its end. Moreover, the refusal of the Arab initiative not taking seriously the points proposed and presented by the Arab league is a political suicide and a proof that the Syrian regime does not know where it is heading for.
    The crisis today is totally different from where it was five months ago, when the circle of the conflict between the regime and the people had room for several solutions. What brought the crisis to this level of hopelessness of the regime's survival and the confidence in people's victory are the following three reasons:

    1- the persistence of the Syrian people in their protests against the ongoing oppression

    2- the regime confronting demonstrations by killing, arrest, torture, attacks against mosques, etc.

    3- the failure of the regime in taking one courageous decision that could solve the crisis.

    Therefore, we believe that the collapse of the regime imminent; and will take place, by the Power of Allah, sooner than we anticipate and sooner than the regime and its supporters expect. It is an inevitable conclusion that every reader of the political decisions and security measures and taken by the regime. It has reached a point where it cannot be saved; with the last arrow now getting out of its quiver to hit its heart.
    This sums up a long history of the regime after years of empty promises and months of pointless offers for solutions, which made the regime weaker. Politically, the regime appears today swaying at no direction. To prove it just look at how he turned all Arabs into enemies and how it found an excuse in laying the blame on others and delivering accusations to Arabs in every direction, which is the behaviour of the helpless. If ordinary people would accept laying the blame on Turkey, Qatar or Saudi Arabia, the regime will find it difficult to convince them how it is going to lay the blame of all Arabs after they gathered and decided to freeze the membership of Syria. "All Arabs" includes countries that have always supported the regime such as Algeria, Sudan, Oman and Mauritania. It is the regime, through its policies, which lead these countries to loose their hopes in any promises it may make and their belief in any story regime narrates. No wonder, they moved to vote against the regime and to freeze its membership in the Arab League and all its affiliated organisations; and moved to start a serious dialogue on the future of Syrian with the Syrian National Council. How is the Syrian regime going to market these positions? Is it going to turn against all Arabs? This is what can be deduced from some statements which the regime issued, saying goodbye to 'Arab mutual co-operation".

    The next question which is going to be soon posed is, "what answer the regime is going to provide when China and Russia dump it" and "what impact would this have on it", which seems to be not far-fetched after Arabs agreed on these steps.

    We congratulate our people that Arabs have espoused their cause. The regime has given our people a priceless gift; through its refusal of the initiative of the Arab League and its insistence on the story of armed gangs، which Arabs did not agree on, at least in public.

    As for us, whether we admit the use of arms or not, it is not going to have any impact on the revolution today; because the chronological order of events proves that the claims of the presence of armed gangs were made only after protests began and upon the brutal suppression of the protesters and after what people witnessed in Dera and Douma; with the regime not prosecuting the people responsible for the murder of civilians despite its promises. This is probably what pushed some people to take justice by their hands and stop oppression and retaliate by using arms, which we believe, if reports are true, is generally wrong. However, it is clear that Arab media does not care about this side; as though it is trying to expiate for its silence, support and justification of the regimes' atrocities over decades of oppression and injustice.

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