Sharah of Jaami' Tirmidhi by al Muhaddith al Kabeer A'llamah Zia ul Mustafa

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  1. i have heard shaykh asrar rashid (student of mawlana rasul baksh sa`idi and mufti yar muhammad qadri) is also writing a sharh of jami`i al-tirmiDhi as well.

    nonetheless, mubarak to Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabir! Hadrat Muhaddith al-Kabir (madda zillahul aali) truly is a man of Allah!

    wa ma `alayna ila al-balagh al-mubin
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    imam a ahle sunnat sayyid ahmad sa'eed kazmi has written about jami tirmizi here:

    i haven't read it yet as i have just come across it but kazmi sahib rahimahullah is one of the most reliable sunni scholars of recent times.
  3. al Humdulillah more than half of al Muhadith al Kabeer A'llamah Zia ul Mustafa al Qadiri hafizahullahu 's Sharah of Jaami' Tirmidhi has been published in the quarterly Amjadia Risaalah.

    Please make dua that we can see its publication very soon. No other Sunni scholar has written an explanation of Jami' Tirmidhi in Urdu the Shaykh's will be the first.

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