Shaykh Ghulam Rasul Sa'idi on the beard

Discussion in 'Hadith' started by Chishti Nizami, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Assalaam Alaikum
    There is just one line missing which i have now included,subject goes away from beard and onto moustache for sometime onwards, anyhow.

    PS Mods you may delete all my scans of you wish as they do seem to be quite a load on the bandwidth

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  2. faqir

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    as-salamu alaikum sidi

    a big thank you!

    I've uploaded all the images to photobucket so if the moderators are concerned about the use of web space they can remove your attachments.

    Just one question... have you given me the whole of page 451? it seems some of the bottom part is missing.

    insha'allah I've just skim read some juicy parts and I still need to read the whole thing [my urdu reading is slow]
  3. This is below the very start of the chapter on beard(page 427)

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  4. Wa Alaikum Assalaam

    I have added the preceeding few pages to the already posted scans aswell as the 1(page 452) that goes at the end hence finishing chapter on beard length.

    The chapter is complete.

    PS If you need any "missing" footnotes that were left out then let me know.

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  5. faqir

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    as-salamu 'alaikum

    Excellent read I must say....

    I'm basically arranging for this section to be translated [INSHA'ALLAH] for

    Bro, you couldn't do me a favour and just image the remaining pages before u give the book back so that I have the complete set?

    may Allah reward you.
  6. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    as-salamu alaikum
    why? if a scholar differs on a matter in the branches what is there to be afraid of? i am glad the brother posted that for the benefit of others. in fact, i'm going to see if I can get this translated.
  7. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    Follwing the Shah Sahib's advice and my own thinking, I was not in favour of making this issue public on the net, but since you posted the scans i guess it's too late!
  8. First post: (missing page numbers)

    1st picture is page 436.

    1st " half photoscan" is lower part of page 441

    2nd "half photoscan" is a upper part of page 442

    Second post:(missing page numbers)

    missing page no. is 449

    Whilst very last photo scan is just a mistaken repetition of page 451,just disregard it.

    PS I deliberately left out the footnotes for fear of not being able to fit into phone screen,however they are all present in the sharh in great detail,if you want any footnotes then let me know within the next couple of days whilst i have the sharh at home.
  9. faqir

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    as-salamu alaikum sidi,

    jazakumAllah khayr. i look forward to reading this tomorrow.

    sidi, just for completion could you mention the page numbers you've left out and also whether or not all of the footnotes have been included in the images you have kindly uploaded for our benefit.

    again, may Allah reward you!
  10. Here's some more:

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  11. here goes, brother Faqir.

    Sorry some are not the right way up,ut you must understand i'm a novice at this sort of stuff and dont know how to use "photo buckets" etc.(i hope you can find a way to read them all as they are mindblowing arguments,regardless whether one agrees or disagrees with Allama sahibs Tahqeek)

    My scanner doesnt seem to want to do it,so i had to resort to my k810i phone(out of desparation)

    PS It all in order and i've left all the pages of arguments involving the shafi's and maliki's out and just posted those concerning the Ahnaf.

    It's quite long but well worth a read in full.

    Mods sorry about wastage of bandwidth as there may be shorter ways of doing this,but unfortunately i dont know them.

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  12. Assalaam Alaikum

    Brother that "ruju" was nothing to do with the beard issue,but rather on the matter of the deobandi/brelvi issue(i have read somewhere) where Allama Sahib had a very slight difference of views with the brelvi ulama(maybe due to some misunderstanding or not having indepth research into the issue.)

    However when certain ulema presented to him correct and concrete evidence
    on the issue at hand Allama sahib hence changed his views, he infact made ruju publically hence swallowing his pride(which proves the scholar's humility and godfearance),as he is fallible like any scholar of today.

    He is one of the greatest sunni Scholars of Quraan and Hadith in the world without a shadow of a doubt,at the present moment.
  13. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    well, i have a booklet which details his ruju, but the bookshop owner from where I bought this booklet told me that saikh has recanted from his ruju recently. the bookshop owner also told me that some alim has wirtten his refutation in quite a huge book, but i did not bother to buy, because i don't think that controversy is on something which makes one out of ahlussunah.

    3 years before I visited his website where they mentioned such controversial issues, and when I met Shah Turab Al-Haq (may Allah save him) in Karachi to ask about the nature of the issue, he was just dispatching mail to allama sahab. I told him about the web site. He expressed his displeasure and said they wanted to keep the matter only among scholars, that is why they were only communicating through mails and have not made the issue public but allama sahab has published a book and now you are telling me about the web site. I did not talked on this topic further considering that it is such an issue with should be dealt among scholars and has nothing to do with fundamentals.

    I really want to read his shara muslim and tafseer, because I have read his tozeeh al-bayan which is an excellent book, perhaps one of the best books i have read.
  14. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    wa alaikum salam

    oh brother i am soooo jealous

    sidi maybe u have a decent digital camera u can use instead of a scanner? it wud be quicker - u cud just upload the photos to perhaps?

    regardless, pleease do a translation summary

    may Allah reward you.

    btw, i always take ruju' stories with a pinch of salt ;-)
  15. Assalaam Alaikum

    Sorry brother for the delay.

    Volume 6, pages 427-451.(very indepth and exellent points).

    I have just borrowed me a copy from a mufti sahib so am in process of reading it.

    If you can get someone to look it up for you(or even do it yourself)then fine,if not do let me know as i may be able tO attempt a brief translatory summary.

    Although i recommend you read it fully as its very interesting and seems contrary to the commonly held subcontinant Ahnaf view of "one fist waajib full stop".

    Scanning may not be possible,sorry

    PS I have been informed that there was NO raj'oo(as in taking back of views) on the matter in this case.
  16. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    Ahle Sunnah, do you think you can get me the scans bro? And, if not then can you find out which volume and page number so I can ask others?
  17. Abu Salma

    Abu Salma New Member

    As-salamu 'alaykum,

    I thought it was either sunna, sunna mu'akkada or wajib according to the Hanafi scholars. Mustahhab is "less emphasised" than sunna...
  18. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    I've heard rumours of him changing his opinion on some issues relating to that sharh - although no one has ever mentioned which issues - but regardless, I don't really care about that nor do I care about the 'controversy'.

    Rather, I just want to see the classical references he mentioned, the reasoning, etc. so if you have it please do post it. Basically, what I want to know is if there is some leeway in the madhhab regarding beard length of a fist being mustahab as opposed to wajib.

    If anyone were worried about controversy then they could pm or email the scans maybe?

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    What did Allama Sahib say concerning the beard?
  20. sherkhan

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    Isn't this the issue on which Allama Ghulam Saeedi recanted his position recently? If he has recanted what he stated in his sharh, then there is no point referring to that any more (except for rekindling controversy).

    It's possible that my memory doesn't serve me right on this issue.

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