Shaykh Muhammad An-Ninowy's khutbah on Avoiding the dangers of Self-Righteousness

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  1. Avoiding the dangers of Self-Righteousness

    Title: Avoiding the dangers of Self-Righteousness
    Reference: Tafsir of Surah An Nisaa , Verses 49
    Category: Tafseer/Khutbah

    Quran: Alam tara ilalazeena yuzakuna anfuasahum, balillahu yuzaki
    man ya shaa, wala yuzlamuna fateela
    The ayah has a general mean and then see the application of the

    Haven't you seen those who praise themselves, but Allah knows who is
    worthy of praise indeed. And Allah does not do injustice
    That means Allah knows that people do injustice……

    Quran and the message of the prophet, is firstly a human message, a
    message that is acceptable to human beings regardless of their
    culture and background… Honestly, truthfulness, speaking the truth,
    even against yourself, sincerity

    The one that came with these rights was Adam, they were then revived
    by the prophet and then Umar radiallahu anhu…. Umar said, since when
    have you enslaved people and they were born free …. Who has given
    you the right to think you are different ???
    Islam tells you to accept people and be merciful to people
    regardless of who they are …. Just because some mulsims do
    backbiting and have ill feelings for others, it doesn't mean islam
    encourages these…

    The muslim is a fellow brother of a muslim, he does not even
    belittle him…
    What is self righteousness???

    It means that you think that you are more worthy or righteous than
    At the beginning of the dawah, who came with the prophet ?
    Jafar Radiallahu Anhu was the first ambassador sent to Habasha… The
    people who tried to rebuttle him said he follows a man who is a
    liar, and tried to belittle them in many other ways… But the very
    people that were enslaved and Islam freed became masters of the

    Bilal Radiallahu anhu , a dark east African man… As he was not an
    Arab, he use to say "As hadd" in Adaan instead of "Ash hadd"…. So
    people use to complain about him. The prophet said and what the
    hadith above means is that if your muslim brother makes a mistake,
    you compliment him, not expose him…
    Hadith: "Every son of Adam is a sinner, but the best of sinners are
    those who repent to Allah"
    Hadith: "The example of the Mumin to his fellow mumin is like
    bricks" It means construction not destruction…..
    So they complained about Bilal and he Sallalahu alaihi wa alihi
    wasalam said "The seen of Bilal is Sheen in the court of Allah….
    Imam Shafi'i said "your tongue should not mention the deficiencies
    of others, because your filled with deficiencies and other people
    also have tongues. If your eyes show you deficiencies in others,
    close your eyes and say, oh eye, others have eyes and they are
    watching me. And live in peace with others and those who commit
    transgressions against you, greet them".

    Islam does not believe in democracy but in Freedom, because Freedom
    means that you are enslaved to Allah and nothing else…
    Ali Radiallahu Anhu sent Malik Ashtar, and gave him leadership of
    Egypt, but before he let him go, he said to him "People to you are
    two kinds, either they are equal to you in creation, or he is a
    brother to you in the deen".

    Where do we stand as Muslims?

    We take this briefcase full of beautiful values and offer it to
    Humanity. A Muslim walks and interacts with everything.. The Sahaba
    saw everything , even trees walking to the prophet sallalahu alaihi
    wa alihi wassalam… They also saw the crying of the tree that kept
    weaping before the beloved.. If he did not hug it, it would have
    been crying until the day of Judgement.
    When the prophet came to Madinah, all of the Sahaba wanted him to
    come to their home. Abu Ayub took his luggage and said my home. The
    prophet said , don't worry about the camel , it will stop where it
    is ordered to stop.

    Allah says about the people of Firaun "the earth and heavens did not
    cry on them". It means the heavens and earths will cry on the Mumin
    when you leave this world…
    When you recite Surah Ka'af on Friday or recite the Quran, a light
    is lit from heavens to the earth….
    Allah ordered you to make Salah and Salam on the beloved, but is
    Allah in need of your Salah and Salaam or is the prophet needy ?

    What is the point then?

    You help yourself when you put yourself in connection with Allah and
    his Messenger.
    When the man came to Usmaan and Usmaan said to him, "how dare you
    come to my gathering and you have the smell of adultery in your
    eyes?" The man replied "is there a prophecy after Muhammad?" He
    replied "no, it's the Firasa of the Mumin that he sees the truth."
    We worry about bickering and backbiting and so forth, we will be
    accountable for everything. Not a word you say, but you are actually
    accountable for and it is written for you.

    How do people praise themselves?

    There are three ways a person praises themselves…..

    1) The deeds

    This is actually good, Allah says, he is successful he who does the
    deeds to praise himself. You do Zakah, Hajj, aiming to please
    Allah…. If you try to please people, you will never succeed.
    The shaykh gives the hadith where the prophet sallalahu alaihi wa
    alihi wasalam spoke of the Salah and being purified from it.

    2) Praising for the Haqq
    I missed this bit……….

    3) Praising oneself
    When you are asked for Charity, you say "Alhamdulilah, I gave it
    yesterday"… Nobody asked you about Yesterday …..
    Zahid (detached from duniya and attached to Allah). He is always in
    dhkr, the king invited him to his sons wedding after Isha. He
    replied "I have a meeting with my lord after isha, who is more
    important to me".
    Self praising results from two things, ignorance and guroor
    Ostentation (thinking our better than others) and it comes from

    One thinks they are better than others in rights and
    This leads to Oppression of yourself and others, and you judge other

    The shaytaan will influence them, and their hearts will be darkened,
    and they will not be able to see, as their hearts will be blind and
    Allah mentions in the quran, that the heart is blind, not the eyes…
    We have to have this pure heart (Qalb Saleem)…
    If there are any faults in the postings above, they are due to myself
    and not from the original khutba of Shaykh.

    May Allah(subhanahu wa ta alaa) continue to elevate the Maqam of our
    shaykh and their Noble family and give us all the ability to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and forgive me for my shortcomings.

    عابد محمود

    From Ubayy Ibn K'ab RA. "The believer has four characteristic. If he is afflicted by any misfortune, he remains patient and steadfast. If he is given anything, he is grateful.If he speaks, he speaks the truth. If he passes a judgement on any issue, he is just."

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