Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ninowy's khutbah on The rights of parents over children

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  1. Title: The rights of parents over children
    Reference: Tafsir of Suratul Ahqaf
    Category: Tafseer/Khutbah

    Quran: "Wa wasainal insana, be walidaihi Husnaa, hamalatu kur an wa wa
    dathu qur'aa ……………… (Surah Ahqaf, Verse 15)

    Rough Translation: "A strong recommendation from Allah swt, that you
    treat your parents (both) well. His mother carried him (with
    difficulty), when she delivered (also a difficult process). The period
    of pregnancy and breastfeeding is 30 months. Until this baby reaches
    maturity (Age of 40). Then that Slave (new born), will say Oh Allah
    swt give me the ability so I can be thankful for the bounties you gave
    me and my parents, and that I do well, that pleases you, and also make
    my off spring pious. I repent to you and I am amongst those who
    submits to you".

    You are suppose to have "Ihsaan" when you deal with your parents.

    2 kinds of Ihsaan

    1) Materialistic – You support them financially, take care of their needs.

    2) Spiritual – e.g Yahya bin Khalid, when he was jailed with his
    father, he stood up all night awake carrying a bucket of water over a
    candle, so that the water is warm when his father wakes up for FAJR.

    If you are good to your parents, your children will treat you good
    too, what goes round, comes round!

    Your mothers bore you in their stomach, and that is a painful process
    and more, it is even life threatening sometimes!

    The Quran says "when someone does you good, the least you should do is
    return that good".

    Ibn Kathir narrated an event in his tafseer, in the khilafa of Uthman
    A mans wife delivers after 6 months, and her husband comes and says "I
    have doubts".
    So Uthman (R.A) sends soliders to collect the woman, and she is crying.
    She is asked "she says, I swear by Allah swt, nobody has laid hands on
    me, except my husband".
    The judgement was that she would be stoned, and Ali (R.A) came, and
    asked and told him of the Ayat of the Quran and explained, and told
    him that breastfeeding is (30-2), so that leaves 6 months for
    pregnancy and it is possible.
    Uthman (R.A) said "subhanallah, where is that woman?"

    Breastfeeding is important, Quran stresses on it. You are nourishing
    the kid, and giving that spiritual bond with you.

    Some scholars say , a person becomes mature, because prophets (A.S)
    all of them were sent with the message at 40.

    Also other references in the Quran of 40

    Also Abdaal are 40, Hadith Sahih etc etc

    However, Isa spoke from birth, and Allah swt gave Yahya wisdom from youth.

    Scholars say when Shaytaan sees a man who has reached 40 years and not
    done tauba, the shaytaan wipes his face, and says "this is a face of a

    Seems like that age is a turning point in peoples life, they change
    with wisdom.

    When the man reaches 40, he is more thankful to Allah swt, makes that
    dua ….
    You realise you have ni'mas, that others don't have etc.
    Before you make shukr, you have to realise of the ni'mat.

    Shaykh then talks about your parents, and asks how many times do you
    think about them?

    The prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said "when the son of Adam dies, everything he leaves
    behind, except 3 things , one is a pious offspring who makes dua for them?

    So shaykh reminds us to "give charity on their behalf", "to remember
    then much" so you are thankful for what they have done for you.

    The basis of good things, is what Allah swt likes, not what you think
    is good and you like.

    We should all make dua to have pious offspring, as we have no control
    over our kids, the streets, TV control our kids.

    Teach them love of Allah swt, the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, Sahaba (R.A), Ahlul
    Bayt, Awliya. Etc.

    If there are any faults in the postings above, they are due to myself
    and not from the original khutba of Shaykh.

    May Allah(swt) continue to elevate the Maqam of our shaykh and their
    Noble family and give us all the ability to benefit from their wealth
    of knowledge and wisdom, and forgive me for my shortcomings.

    عابد محمود

    From Ubayy Ibn K'ab RA. "The believer has four characteristic. If he is afflicted by any misfortune, he remains patient and steadfast. If he is given anything, he is grateful.If he speaks, he speaks the truth. If he passes a judgement on any issue, he is just."

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