Shaykh Muhammad Bin Yahya Al Ninowy's khutbah on YOU ARE WITH THOSE WHOM YOU LOVE!!!

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  1. The noble shaykh talks about the very famous Ayah in Surah Tauba Verse
    24 "Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or
    your kindred; the wealth that ye have gained; the commerce in which
    you fear a decline: or the dwellings in which you delight - are dearer
    to you than Allah, or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause;-
    then wait until Allah brings about His punishment: and Allah does not
    guide the fasiqeen."

    If we are to summarise this deen, then we can say that it is a deen of
    Mahabbah (love).

    Allah subhanahu wa ta alaa encourages us to love our parents and
    informs us not to even say uff to them.

    The prophet sallalalahu alaihi wa aliahi wassalam informs us about
    love of the family, where he says "the best amongst you is he who is
    best to his family and i am best to my family".

    He sallalahu alaihi wasalam also teaches us about loving our
    daughters, when he says "fatima is part of me, showing his deep love
    for her".

    He also expresses his love for Imam Hassan and Hussayn (Radiallahu
    Anhum) , when they are on his shoulders and he is kissing them and a
    man comes and says , "do you love them? I have 10 sons, i don't kiss
    any of them." The prophet replied "What can I do if Allah has taken
    away mercy from your heart?".

    He also teaches us love for neighbours, where he says "gibreel keeps
    coming to me and keeps saying neighbours, neighbours, as though he is
    interhiteing from the neigbours".

    Allah orders us "Ihsaan" towards our society by saying in the Quran...
    "Allah orders you to be just, to do Ihsaan..." We should be positive
    contributors to society, because our beloved prophet sallalalahu
    alaihi wa alihi wassalam came as a mercy to the entire worlds,
    therefore we should be an extension of his mercy to the entire
    creation of Allah.

    The more you learn about his beautiful qualities Sallalahu alaihi wa
    alihi wassalam , the more hostage you are to his love and his
    beautiful qualities...

    The prophet sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wasslam also taught us about
    love of the companions of the prophet sallalalahu alaihi wa alihi

    Loving the family of the prophet sallalalahu alaihi walalihi wasalam
    is also talked about in the Quran "Tell them , i am not asking of you
    any reward in return, expect that you are kind to my offspring".
    This is the wasiyah of the beloved, so don't neglect it.... also
    mentioned in the hadith.

    The quran also teaches you to love the mothers of the believers... you
    should love your mother...

    The quran also teaches of love of Allah and his Prophet sallalahu
    alaihi wa alihi wassalam..

    This is contrary to the saying of those who say that islam is a
    religion of violence and hatred, but its a religion of love and

    The Ayah says that if you do not love Allah and his prophet more than
    your family, your parents etc... you shall await the punishment of
    Allah. This is Wajib and Fard upon you... Allah finishes the ayah by
    saying "Allah does not love the Fasiqeen"....

    Fisq from a fiqh pont of view is a "major sin" not a minor sin...

    What number on the list of your priorities is the prophet sallalalahu
    alaihi wa alihi wassalam? If he is not no 1 , then make him Number 1....

    If you have hardships in life, in your marriage, in your work, in your
    rizk, then take a look at where the prophet is in your list of
    priorities.... There is punishment in this life and in the akhira....
    Allah says in the quran whoever avoids my dhikr , then we will fill
    their life with difficulties... and in the akhira they will be
    assembled blind... The person shall ask "i had my vision in the
    duniya". Allah will say, our ayahs came to you , you avoided them, so
    today you shall be forgotten.

    Therefore, dhikr is amongst the name of the prophet, Allah says in the
    quran "Zikran Rasoolan"...

    Allah also puts his own name with the name of the prophet sallalalahu
    alaihi wa alihi wassalam, in the same ayah that we are talking about,
    therefore, allah is glorifying the prophet.

    If you put the love of the prophet 2nd, thats not good enough, because
    in a race, the one that comes no 2, is the first looser followed by
    many others....

    There is usually a sign for everything, similarly, there is a sign for
    his love, we focus today on "shauk (yearning)"....
    When you hear his name, your heart moves, you think about him, you
    dream about him, he is in your heart, your mind, your thoughts all the

    A poet says "if you are far away in distances to me, you are in my
    heart, present and with me. Your image is in my head, your dhikr is
    always on my tongue, your dhikr is in my heart, where will you go?"
    you are always with me.." We need to check our hearts to see if we
    have the yearning for the beloved....

    IMAM MUSLIM: "By the one who has the nafs of muhammad, there will be a
    time when one of you will not see me. then one of you will wish that
    you will give your whole family and everything you own , just to see me "

    Lets look at some examples of shauk, so we can see the love of the
    companions towards the prophet...

    In one of the battle, a woman is waiting , a man comes to her and
    tells her "that your husband is next to me in the battle, and he was
    martyred"... She asks about the prophet "how is he...???"
    Then the next guy that walks by , he says "i was next to your son and
    husband, both are shaheed"... She asks "how is rasoolullah"....
    Another man walks by and tells her that her brother is also martyred..
    she marches on and looks for the prophet, and when she sees him, she
    says "every calamity happening to other than you is insignificant"....

    Bilal is in his death bed and his family is crying saying "how sad
    will we be when you are dead ". Bilal says "i have been waiting for
    this time, tomorrow i will be with muhammad and his companions"...

    The prophet tells abu Dharr ,a very honest man, you will live alone
    and die alone...
    He was walking in the desert, people passed by and asked him to take
    him back to madinah, but he didn't go, he remembered the words of the
    prophet, he fell sick and he died ...

    A man from the shawk of the prophet, every night, before he went to
    bed, he names all the names of the sahaba and the he says, the names
    of the prophet. he says those are my origion, oh allah my heart falls
    for them, do not make me leave without seeing them... look at the
    yearning, sign of mahaba.

    Abdullah bin zain was told that the prophet passed away, he made
    sujood to allah and said, the last thing i saw was your prophet, take
    my vision away, so i dont see anyone other than him... and allah
    accepted his dua...

    If there is no shawk, then the heart does not move when you hear the
    name of the beloved, then its time for resussitation for the heart,
    otherwise its fisq...
    why should we love him... ?????????????????

    1) He loves you " as Allah mentions in the Quran"....

    2) He guided us to the path of success, without him we would be
    perished. He did not leave 1 thing, but showed us how to do it, he did
    not leave 1 bad thing, but showed us how to avoid it.

    3) The prophet recited the verses that ibrahim recited and he cried
    "oh my lord, my ummah , my ummah"... Allah sent gibreel to ask him why
    he was crying after sending his salams... Allah said to gibreel "go
    and tell muhammad, that we will give you until you are pleased Surah
    Duhaa" . Ask and you will be granted, interceed and you will be granted...

    4) Love him because he would have loved to be with you, he would have
    loved to meet you... He said "i wish, i would have loved to meet my
    brothers who beleived in me, yet who did not see me"... Allah says he
    is caring about you more than you care about themselves. He use to say
    , any of the believers who die, and they owed people, tell them to
    come to me and i will pay them back on their behalf.

    5)Loving him in the duniya has a special effect on the beleivers,
    there is a hadith where a companion asks him about how much time he
    should spend on making salah and salam on you, he said, then you will
    be surficed from all your hardships in the duniya.

    6) He will benefit you on the day of judgement, his love will help you
    in the Akhira. Those of you who have the closes seats to me in yamul
    qiyamah, will be the one who sends the most salah and salam on me.
    7) A bedouin came and asked the prophet when the day of judgement is,
    he replied "what have you prepared for it?".
    Shaykh said do not waste your time on secondary, non important issues,
    focus on preparing for the akhira....
    Our priority list is confused, we are giving other things high
    priority, we indulge in secondary issues, indulging for the sake of
    argument.... Your qiyamah is when you die...
    The Bedouin replied, "nothing, except i love Allah and his prophet".

    All the companions present said we have never been happy about a
    hadith,. if you do your faraid, you love the prophet, you will be with
    him... Check your heart and see who you love...
    Anas radillahu anhu said, allah is my witness that i love abu bakr,
    umar, the prophet sallalalahu alaihi wa alihi wassalam and i pray that
    allah assembles me with them..
    Ibn Ata illah said "the heart is either filled with haqq or batil, not
    both, the love of quran and love of shaytaan can not be in the same
    The quran will come as a witness for some, the masjid will come as a
    witness for some on the day of judgement... It is natural to feel
    comfortable at your own house, regardless of where you are, the Awliya
    of Allah feel most comfortable in the house of Allah, the Masjid...
    The lecture should enable us to understand the high status of the
    prophet, so that we can remember him day and night, so that his image
    is inforont of us all the time, so his dhikr is on your hearts all the

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