Shaykh NuH on What Sufism is

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    Shaykh NuH said that if you are not with Allah ta'ala but are with anything to do with this dunya, then your worth to Him Almighty is nothing but that of the wing of an ant
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    Shaykh NuH also mentioned that sufism is the application of Islam.

    Sufism is about what you do.What have you done that is different from yesterday?How is your relationship with Allah? How have you progressed?

    Shaykh NuH said the analogy is like that of the air hostess shouting in the plane to the passengers reminding them that this flight is to a certain place and anyone going here and there must get off.

    So is Sufism a flight. Anyone who intended to go elsewhere, get off now.

    It is all about to be with Allah
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    He also mentioned that once one of his teachers came to attend a suHba in the UAE. And all he had was his passport, a copy of the burda in his pocket.

    If it were America, Shaykh NuH said, he would probably have been arrested for not have luggage
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    Shaykh NuH also mentioned the evil of arrogance towards one's parents.
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    Once Shaykh al-Kurdi was in northern Jordan (where he lived) and Shaykh NuH was with him. Shaykh al-Kurdi told Shaykh NuH a story about sufism. Shaykh al-Kurdi said that once there was a king, upon the arrival of his birthday used to give anyone from his subjects whatever they wished.

    So, a man came to the king and asked him if he could have a house. The king said but I gave you a house last year. The man said, yes but I need this new one because of (I forgot: Wadood)

    Then another man came and asked the King for a Rolls Royce and the King said but last year you had one, and he gave a reply.....(I forgot:Wadood)

    Then another man came and the king asked him what he wanted and that man replied "I want nothing", "I just want to be with you"

    This is what Sufism is. Sufism without Allah ta'al is no sufism. Any one who is seeking to unleash somekind of power or gain miracles or perform miracle without wanting Allah, is not in sufism. This is no sufism.
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    Shaykh NuH has become older. But he was humorous at times. He walks fast and listens attentively. He answered people's questions patiently.
    He made all of us men to sit on his right, so that he could be in the view of sisters at the back. One sister gave shahada. Allahu Akbar.

    Shaykh NuH mentioned about a scholar from Tarim who had settled in Surat Gujarat hundreds of years ago during the time of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Aydarus :ra: (Adeni). He said the scholar saw many evil practices prevalent there at that time.

    One of practices was the belief that Sufism is all about miracle doing, seeking, claiming.

    Shaykh NuH then began to give anecdotes and stories in relation to this. He mentioned a story by his teacher Shaykh al-Kurdi
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    I attended the Friday SuHba with Shaykh NuH, with my parents. It was such a beautiful gathering. Hundreds of people Full of Love and Concern for each other.

    Many local deobandi scholars were attending as well as Sunni scholars.

    Shaykh Ramzi came Allah bless him. Also brothers from the USA and England.

    I also met one of the brother incharge of the Sunni Masjid Meadowale Islamic Centre in Mississauga. He I think is the elder brother of brother Ibrahim Quadri, one of the moderators on

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