Shaykh Pir Sayyid 'Irfan Shah Mashadi:FADA'IL E 'ALI: The Virtues of Imam Ali

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  1. may Allah bless Hadrat Qibla Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah Mashadi
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    Brother, there is no need to thank me! Such speeches are for all of the Sunni world, nay, all of the Muslim world, nay, all of humanity! Because Islam came for all of humanity and Mawla Ali is the model of the Perfect Man: scholar, saint, and warrior all in one!

    Allah bless Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah for upholding correct and traditional Sunni aqidah in these times of tribulation.
  3. Asaalamu alaikum,


    JazzALLAH Khair to Br-Naqshbandi Jaamati for posting this video of Hujjatul Islaam, Munazir e Ahl e Sunnath, Sayyid us Saadat, Peer Sayyid Irfan Shah Mashadi Sahib. You can also watch other speeches on Google Video such as Youm-e-Ali Manchester 2006 and Youm e Ali Bradford 2005.

    Qibla Shah Sahib, have just arrived back from Madeenah Shareef, a couple of days ago. They performed Hajj and also held many Mehfils in Madeenah Pak such as Shahadath e Syedna Usman Ghani (RadiALLAH anhu)

    JazzALLAH Khair

    Sunnio nay Sher Paala'h
    Irfan Shah Bhikki Waalah
  4. AsSalamuAlaikum

    I want to thank sunniport for putting this lecture on Youm E Ali on your webiste, i would like to also recommend the following lecture itsa 3 part lecture delivered in Manchester 2006 by Hazrat Munazara E Islam Peer Syed Muhammed Irfan Shah Saab Mashadi.

    Volume 122: Youm E Sher E Hudaa - Hazrat Ali (rah) Manchester 2006 - Part 1, 2, 3

    An inspirational and well-referenced tallk proving the exalted rank of Mawla Ali karam Allahu wajhu, that he is not separate from the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم, that he is indeed Wali Allah, that it is blessed to ask him for help and aid [via Ya Ali Madad] and via the Naad e Ali, for he is Aliyyun Wali Allah, that he has certain specialities [khasa'is] which no one else has, that he is the Mawla of all the Muslims, the Imam of East and West, brother of the Prophet and so on and yet he also shows how all this is proved from Sunni books and that belieiving in this doesn't make one a Shia/Rafidi.To see him is worship, rather he who sees Ali then jannah becomes wajib on him/her. Rather these are Sunni beliefs. He also chides the Shia for not really following Imam Ali whilst pretending to be his! He also criticises the Wahabis and Nasibis for not loving Mawla Ali and for being quick to call anyone a 'Shia' if they do so. The best thing is all these beliefs are proven from the Qur'an and Sahih hadith in the Sihah Sittah.

    It is amazing.
    One line I'll leave you with. Someone [a Wahabi] said to him after he heard this speech or one like it, that 'Shah sahib aap bhi Mawla-i hain?' (Shah sahib are you also a Mawla-i (implying that you are also a Shia)? Shah sahib replies, "Hum bhi Mawla'i nahin, hum hii Mawla-i hain!' (We [Sunnis] are not also Mawla'is [i.e. lovers of Imam Ali] rather only we are Mawla'is!]

    Ya Ali Madad!
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