Shaykh Saeed Foudeh on Imkan al-Kadhib

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by HASSAN, Feb 22, 2024.

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  1. Ibn Rida Safdar

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    It doesn't seem like Sh. Sa'id Faudah is only talking about Khalf al-wayid in reference to Doebandis. The book is about Imkan al-Kadhib primarily and this is where he brings the Deobandi-Barelwi conflict.

    True, he should have referenced other important Deobandi works on the subject like Juhd al-Muqil for a more thorough analysis. However, how do Barelwi Ulama explain the following passage from al-Muhannad which was signed by Sunni Arab Ulama:


    Unlike on other issues in al-Muhannad, where Deobandis seemed to have lied about their actual beliefs, here they seem to be accepting that if it is assumed that Khalf al-Wayid necessitates Imkan al-Kadhib, then even the latter is not Muhal bi'l Dhat. Why did the Sunni Arab Ulama accept this response where Kizb is not regarded as Muhal bi'l Dhat?
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    shaykh saeed fudah is deceived by deobandies, that they mean imkan al kazib = khalf al way'id, otherwise he is clearly stating that imkan al kazib is mustah'il in kalam lafzi as well.

    his comments show that he does not know the full details, he is just relying on al muhannad, which is a deception

    had he bothered to research the matter rather than buying it from muhannad then he would have known that deobandies are liars. internet is full of their claims and explanations in writings and videos both in urdu and english, contrary to what he is assuming by looking at muhannad.

    he should see what zaleel has been writing on his blog, many arab ulama read/speak good english, is it impossible (mustahil) for him/them to read and understand their arguments?

    if arab ulama (especially from syria) can go to turkey to escape the flames of war and learn turkish just for their dunya, then they should also learn urdu and save the iman of millions of muslims from falling into bid'ah and kufr. it is not difficult if a few arab ulama learn urdu and then research the matter.

    deobandies say that all ugly things, not just imkan al kazib, are within the power of Allah Ta'a'la, but He Subhanu wa Ta'ala will never do it. so deobandies believe that any ugly action is rationally possible for Him Subhanu wa Ta'ala but He will never do it in actuality (bil fay'l).

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