Somali father's Sabr?

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  1. Haroon

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    a couple of months back i had the opportunity to talk at length with a somalian (on visit to the uk) who works as a programme manager for an international aid agency there.

    according to thim, the brief period in time where the UIC (union of islamic courts) ruled represented the only time in his adult life where he saw peace, security and cleanliness in somalia (cleanliness meaning the streets were clean).

    and now situation is at its worst. yes many are leaving somalia, but theres millions and millions internally displaced living within the country and its getting worse.

    Some reading:

    In one report published by UNOCHA it states:

    "The TFG and Ethiopian forces have been carrying out security operations including house-to-house searches and arbitrary arrests, instilling fear amongst the population with summary executions reported during these operations. Allegations of rounding up and executing civilians including slitting throats of men following attacks on their forces as collective punishment have been reported. While not a systematic trend, this type of barbaric act is instilling a sense of terror amongst the community and is a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL)."
  2. Wadood

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    80 Somalis drowned on the coast of Yemen try to flee Somalia. They included women and children. They were Muslims.

    These people tried to escape Somalia. They could have done sabr, escaped to somewhere else peaceful in Somalia. Many included single men who wanted to earn money. They could have made sabr instead of trusting thugs who were just after their money.

    Somalia, a sufi land, has all of this distress. Why not Sudan or the Ethiopian Muslims?

    Somalia is the only country in the Horn of Africa where Tasawwuf has been dying. Sudan and Ethiopia still have it alive. You do not see such large scale happening in those countries as you see those here in Somalia.

    Overall, Sudanese and Ethiopians have less agitation as seen among Somalis. They are greater thinking people than Somalis. They do not kill eachother as Somalis have been doing since the past 10 years. No sakoon in Somalia.

    Even then there are people in Somalia such as the father above, who still have tasawwuf alive in their hearts.
  3. Wadood

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    Syedina Imam 'Ali :ra: fought so many wars with the khawarij. The wars were mainly outside of cities in the plain fields and sometimes highlands such as Nahavand in Iran, however, have you ever heard civilians getting killed in the fighting between the Sunni army and the army of the khawarij?

    Syedina Imam 'Ali :ra: was very careful as to not let harm reach any innocent, nor even a tree or an animal on the way.

    These wahabiyyah in Somalia fighting the ethiopians (majority of whom are also Muslim) have no sanctity for human life.

    I have been watching them kill innocent Sunnis all over 'Iraq as a "collateral damage"

    People here in Sunniport come and cry about American bombing of Sunni civilians in 'Iraq and Afghanistan.

    By Allah the wahabiyyah in 'Iraq have killed more Sunnis than the Americans either directly or indirectly.

    How come almost 90% of all Sunnis in Iraq are now against the wahabiyyah there?

    Wahabism and rafidism wherever they go mean death spiritually while the wahabis then add to this the physical death as well (blown into pieces) by suicide bombs.

    The Hanafi Taliban, before being hijacked by wahabism, as the Lal Masjid People, at least had the decency to realize the horrors of the civilians being killed by the American bombing because of them and their own numbers to have left and hid in the mountain holes.

    Now, they themselves are killing innocent afghans all over the place even small school girls!!!!

    Yes, this is what horrified Afghans told me that the Taliban are killing small school girls, spraying them with bullets
  4. Wadood

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    "An explosion rocked our neighborhood, then we came out and saw a shack partly on fire and a mother and her five children lying dead," he said.

    Madey Sufi Mohamed, the husband and father who lost his family, said he had gone to a nearby shop when he heard an explosion and returned home to find his loved ones dead.

    "It is really tragic, but there is nothing I can do about Allah's will," said Mohamed.

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