Strive to increase the nisbat [attachment] in your heart!

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    Jalaladdin-i Rumi (Quddisa sirruh) said on his deathbed. "Don't be sorry when I am dead! Be with me and think of me wherever you are! I shall come to your rescue and help you. My soul has two kinds of attachments in this world; the first one is its attachment to my body, and the second is its attachment to you. When my soul leaves my body by the grace of Allahu ta'ala, its attachment to the body will also extend to you.
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    Abdullah-i Dahlawi, (qaddas Allahu ta'ala sirrahul'aziz), one of the greatest Awliya, says in the eighth letter of his book Maktubat, "Strive to increase the nisbat [attachment] in your heart! By doing much dhikr, that is, repeating (with your heart) the name of Allah and the Kalima-i tahlil very often, and sometimes by saying the salawat or reading the Qur'an al-karim, try to approach Allahu ta'ala! If you feel any languor during these efforts, turn your tawajjuh to this faqir's soul [the great savant means himself]! Or, visit Mirza Mazhar- i-Jan-i Janan's grave! Paying tawajjuh to him causes great progress. The benefits to be received from him will be many more than those to be received from a thousand living ones. Also, meditate over Gaws-us saqalayn Abdulqadir Geilani and Bahaaddin-i Bukhari!" It is written in detail in the book At-tawassul-u bin-Nabi wa bi-s-salihin," and in Mawlana Hamdullah Saharanpuri's book Al-basair li-munkirit- tawassul-i bi-ahl-il- maqabir that it is permissible to visit the graves of salih (pious) Muslims and to pray through them. These two books were reproduced in Arabic by Isik Kitabevi in Istanbul in 1395 [1975].

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