Sunnah Of Cutting Nails

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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum..

    i have heard it from Huzoor Mufti Muhammad 'Abd al-Haleem Sahab, Sarbarah of Daawat-e-Islaami of India that the order of cutting nails is from right hands from Shahaadat ki anguli till the smallest finger and then turn to left hamd from smallest finger to the thumb and then cutting nails of the thumb of right hand at last.. And we must bury (Dafn) the nails in a Paak place..

    And the order of cutting nails according to Sunnat Tareeqah is as we do Khilaal of Fingers during Wudu that is, starting from right legs smallest fingers to toes, and then from toes of left leg to the the smallest finger of left leg...

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    i read that cutting nails on thursday/friday is better. if friday, it's better to be done after jum'a salah.

    i figured that this may be so that our nails can get the barakah of the salah and then get cut later.

    does that make sense?
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    Sunnah Of Cutting Nails

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