Sunni town hall meetings

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    town hall meeting:

    another one of my pipe dreams- for Sunnis to have open & candid town hall meetings

    start - Quran recitation & Salawat - 5-10 minutes

    straight away get down to business-

    a mawlana or a panel of mawlanas take questions from the awam - LIVE - and answer EXTEMPORE -
    NOTHING ELSE - 2 hours is a good time with a tea break in between

    Salat o Salam

    Langar (if needed) and dismissal.

    there can be a moderator who ensures awam doesn't veer off topic

    not talking about talk back radio or TV shows with live callers

    i'm talking about live events with no holds barred Q&A (no personal qns, but people should be free to ask painful and disturbing questions to ulama on what they think of xyz public statement of their minhaji buddy, or discuss topics of sulh kulliyat and so on)

    these events can be centered on a specific topic or area of interest or relevance to the times

    i don't know if Madani Muzakarat are still held in the way they are/were held during Ramadan Itikaf's, but that's quite close to a town hall meeting, but for fiqh perspective (and that too, for 'classical' fiqh topics of ebadaat etc.)

    we need such Q&A sessions on matters which are being deliberately injected to our youth by tafzilis, shia, lgbt, modernists, feminists, wahabis, atheists, hadith deniers (ghamidi et al), etc. - to spread misguidance; and modern and nonstandard issues of fiqh (eg, bitcoin or facebook's metaverse project, etc.). and the youf should be able to cross examine the ulama on their associations with other ulama or personalities (businessmen, politicians, etc.) or their stances on a matter, Sunni (or specific aalim's) strategies for these times all things considered, and so on. ideally even answer questions about what they've done with xyz donations and point towards their auditors

    i believe this will help the awam avoid some of the smoke and mirrors they're experiencing lately

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