Syed Riaz Hussain Shah on Hazrat Abu Sufyan & Hazrat Amir e Muawiyyah RA

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Muhammad Ali, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Muhammad Ali

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    Well he did say at the end that he has now set himself to unite the two princes (his words) Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah Sahib & Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib.

    He was the one who united Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib & Pir Auladdin Siddiqui Sahib. But it was easy to unite Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib & Pir Auladdin Sahib because they united ignoring what Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib has been saying.

    But to unite Sayyid Irfan Shah Sahib with Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib will be difficult until he doesn't repent from what he has been saying.
  2. if i a was a "neutral" and not a hardcore-dyed-in-the-wool-Sunni from an early age thanks to my family and teachers i'd be put off indo-pakistani ulema for life after seeing such shenanigans! no wonder many of the young British Muslims are turning to others like Hamza Yusuf, Abd al Hakim Murad etc. whether we will it or no. as it is i am pretty much sceptical of most of these lauded ulema from back home anyway and rarely go to their events any more. i find more solace/wisdom in a classical book...(there are rare exceptions...)
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  3. here we go again!
    i think its high time we started judging "big" scholars by the doctrines of our elders --like ala hazrat, imam ghazali etc.--and not the other way round. generally the scholars with any sort of affiliation to pir abdul qadir shah sahib also share some of his problematic doctrines which we all are familiar with.

    thank Allah for the likes of mufti shah turab al haqq sahib and allamah sayyid irfan shah sahib etc. who are defending the fort of ahlus sunnah against the orc-hordes outside its gates.
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  4. Muhammad Ali

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    I don't think this Ruju means anything, he is still walking around supporting Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib who has said a lot worse. This is his latest video with Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib:

    The reason why he has come out with this so called ruju is because Syed Shah Turab ul Haq Sahib banned him from entering any Jamat E Ahlesunnat Karachi conferences in Pakistan until he doesn't do ruju. Syed Muzaffar Shah Sahib gave Haji Hanif Tayyab Sahib a warning last week that if he doesn't do Ruju Shah Sahib will refute him openly in his programs.

    On top after the verdict of Taaj us Shariah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahib & Syed Irfan Shah Sahib he didn't have any where to show his face.

    If he was sincere he would break his ties with Pir Abdul Qadir Sahib or tell him to do Ruju as well rather than promoting him!

    Also why did he take so long coming out with this Ruju video?

    Its funny to see Alama Zafar Mahmood Frashvi sitting their, he went from UK. When he was asked in the UK he said their is nothing wrong with what he said. He was teaching history and now he gets him to do this so called ruju video. Its not even a ruju really, they have named the video:

    Appreciable Step for Reconcilement
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    the video has been taken out, did somebody save it?
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    We Sunnis do not have to worry. Because bad apples are also among "top scholars". Who said "top scholars" are free of bad cucumbers? In this age of fitnah, as Shaykh Saeed AHmad Kadhimi says, there is massive confusion. It happened in past as well. Sayyiduna Junayd raDyAllahu anhu used to sit with a few dozen listeners, and the mullah outside was entertaining 20,000.

    Yet the 20,000 ended up with Sayyiduna Junayd al-Baghdadi raDyAllahu anhu at the end. The whole Islamic World ended up with Imam al-Ghazali raDyALlahu anhu, while the non-Muslims ended up with ibn Rushd.

    Such a situation is not just among Pakistani Sunnis. Its also among Iranian and Afghan Sunnis and rampant among Arab Sunnis proportionally MORE than Subcontinental Sunnis. The Turks/Turkic Sunnis as always, are in much better situation.
  9. Muhammad Ali

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    Syed Riaz Hussain Shah is not a small Sunni Scholar. He is also a Pir and has thousands of Mureeds in Pakistan, he is one of the main leaders of Jamaat e Ahlesunnat Pakistan. His name is always in newspapers on behalf of Sunnis. He has quite a few Sunni Scholars as his students. Top Sunni Scholars like Hazrat e Allama Pir Syed Shah Turab ul Haq Sahib and the sons of Ghazaliye Zaman work under him in his Jamat e Ahlesunnat Pakistan. He has also wrote his own transalation of the Holy Quran which is called Riaz ul Quran which is printed and is also available online on his website:

    Lets not forget he is the same Scholar who reconciled Pir Auladdin Siddiqui Sahib & Pir Abdul Qadir Jillani Sahib. Syed Riaz Hussain Shah Sahib is the right hand of Pir Abdul Qadir Jillani. To cut the long story short, if someone like him has such beliefs where do we expect Sunnis to go from here?
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    He states that Amir Mu'awiya radiyAllahu anhu ordered for the cursing of our master Sayyiduna Ali radiyAllahu anhu, and that he ordered for the cutting of the tongue of a man who praised Sayyiduna Al radiyAllahu anhu!!!

    This needs to be refuted.

    He is also insinuating or rather clearly stating that the Bani Umaya had inherent kufr and nifaq.
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    If this man is a scholar, then he is no longer one. No one elevates the status of Sayyida Hinda raDyAllahu 'anha over Sayyida FaTima raDyAllahu 'anha. I dont think it is part of Sunni Aqida, and nor is it part of Sunni Aqida or ettiquette that to show the lower status of a Sahabiya or Sahabi, you have to give a long speech about what they did before they accepted Islam. This could be done for Sayyiduna Umar raDyAllahu 'anhu as well. This Syed man is on dangerous ground.

    I found his repeated mention of profanity regarding mother against HabeebAllah salAllahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam very bad. Does he really have to mention that so explicitly and that many times? What's the purpose, to arouse emotion?

    This syed man should retire and be banned from speeches.
  12. Muhammad Ali

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