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Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Ridawi78692, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Who is a sunni according to us if all these are bad aqeedah, there virtually is no one!!

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  2. Ridawi78692

    Ridawi78692 Hanafi Maturidi Qadri

    Salaam all brothers..

    I wanted to ask you brothers how you deal with issues like this.1) what should the stance be on people like pir munawwar bukhari the son of jamaat ali shah muhadith ali puri, he sits with Paq and dr tahir and on the other hand owais qadri sits with him?

    Ijaz shaami no offence to him knows that he sits with paq, why was he taken outside the white house in london.

    Mufti hanif qureshi sits with paq but on the other hand he is with sarwar ijaz qadri(sunni tehreeq karachi)?

    Pir hassan haseeb ur rehman sits with muzaffar shah(lovey dovvy) and also sits with paq and praises him..?

    If we are gonna wrag Paq and mufti hanif then wel have to wrag pir haseenuddin and every scholar who sits with them?

    It makes us like hypococrites?!!

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