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    i read the second part of this book by faqih al-hind, the late mufti sharif ul-haq amjadi raHimahullah and mufti nizamuddin rizwi misbahi.

    the first part of the book is by mufti sharif ul haq and the book is a defence of imam ahmad raza khan and some of his fatawa.

    the deobandis, due to their blind hatred of the imam, attacked some of the fatawa and in doing so, showed their incompetence in hanafi fiqh.

    there is also an explanation of the difference between the fatwa of kufr on ismayil dihlawi and the infamous four of deoband. mufti sharif ul haq also discusses the washing of the brides feet.

    some of rulings that have been discussed by mufti nizamuddin are:

    if the mother is halal, so is the child
    whether ghusl is wajib on a minor
    illegitimate children getting inheritance from the husband of their mother
    renting a house to a prostitute
    whether the nikah is void when the wife apostatises
    whether the wetness of the new born animal is pure

    and a few others which i can't remember.

    the book follows a similar pattern to allama arshad ul qadris zalzala where the deobandis are asked to read their own books before criticising others.

    has anyone read the first part of taĥqīqāt?

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