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    (late) Israr Ahmed about Tablighi Jamaat:

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    Tablighi Jamat in the Light of Facts and Truth by Allama Arshadul Qadri R.A. MUST READ:

    Please read Deoband to Bareilly: The Truth:

    and White & Black by Hazrat Molana Kaukab Noorani Okarvi:

    Then watch this video and see scans of the books of those 4 deobandi kuffaar which are present with Hazrat Ml. Okarvi. over which Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelwi R.A. passed fatwa of kufr over and which Ml. Okarvi and many other Sunnhi Ulama have challenged deos 4 Mubahila over: MUST READ Why the Difference? Video and scans of Deo books by 4 elders containing kufr:
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    Independent observers say the court's decision might have been influenced by a recent speech by Uzbek President Islam Karimov.

    During a televised news conference in September, Karimov criticized the foreign media for defending organizations such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, which Karimov said was behind terrorist attacks in the spring and summer in Uzbekistan. The president also spoke about Tabligh Jamaat, saying, "If we don't fight against terror, we are going to have more and more organizations of this kind."

    Kamol Kamilov, who is with the governmental Committee on Religious Affairs, told RFE/RL that the activities of Tabligh members are unlawful in Uzbekistan: "Tabligh Jamaat is not registered in Uzbekistan. And their activity, even if it exists, is banned by current laws."

    Kamilov is referring to a 1998 law on religion that bans missionary work and the teaching of Islam or any other faith in a private capacity. Independent observers say the law violates international human rights agreements.

    Corley told RFE/RL that Tabligh is yet another religious group suppressed by the Uzbek government.

    "The Uzbek authorities are very keen to prevent any kind of independent religious organization from gaining ground. And they are especially concerned about Islamic organizations," Corley said. "Hizb ut-Tahrir has obviously been the main target of the government's campaign. But other movements, such as Tabligh Jamaat, have been regarded with great suspicion by the Uzbek government."
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    ‘Tablighi Jamaat Qaeda Delhi cover’

    AL-Qaeda operatives used a New Delhi-based organisation, Tablighi Jamaat, as a cover to obtain travel documents and shelter. As per disclosures of Guantanamo Bay detainees, released by WikiLeaks, the affiliation with the organisation was “identified as an al-Qaeda cover story”.

    Furthermore, say the papers, at least three of the hardcore inmates at the prison had stayed at the organisation’s facilities in Delhi and around.

    The records revealed by WikiLeaks contain interrogation reports and analysis of 779 inmates of the Cuba bay prison.

    Rubbishing the charge, Syed Shaukat Ali, who is associated with the Tablighi Jamaat, said their facilities were open to all. Questioning the authenticity of the WikiLeaks records, he said: “It is known that such statements are forced to be made under duress. Anybody can visit the mosque at Nizamuddin as it is open to all. You can also go. Please visit and see it for yourself.”

    Please note:1. I do not consider Wikileaks to be a reliable source.
    2.Indian express like Times of India is a biased newspaper. They present Islam and muslims in a bad way.
    3. Tablighi Jamat is a deviant sect which is against the teachings of ahlus sunnah wal jamah.
  8. good but where is the proof?
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    AlHamdu Lillah!
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    assalamu 'alaykum

    Brothers and sisters do you know that the tablighi jama'at is banned in Uzbekistan?


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