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    i have not seen this tafsir, and i came to know about it just now.

    two years ago, in a private tarawih (where we did the khatm) the organisers requested me to give a short speech after tarawih. so i prepared notes in which i tried to summarise the topics mentioned in the surahs recited in that day's tarawih. initially it was impromptu by looking at the mus'haf, but later i began to compile a properly researched and referenced guide that could be used on such an occasion.

    here is a sample from the work in progress: check out the attached PDF for a few more pages.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.


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    The Qur’ān is made up of 114 long and short chapters, and comprises just under 78,000 words in 6,236 verses. It is God’s final message, proof, counsel and cure to humanity and consists of beliefs (doctrine), commandments, guidance, supplications and prophecies, aswell as accounts of previous prophets and nations.

    As a result it is essential for all Muslims, aswell as those interested in Islam, to be aware of the Qur’āns contents and this book by Mufti Muneeb ur Rehmān provides a concise but effective appreciation of the contents of the Qur’ān.

    It mentions the key messages of each section (juz) in enough detail to achieve an appreciation of the subject matters within it, without getting drawn into lengthy explanation and detail. It is ideal for those with a hectic lifestyle and as a first reference point for further research into verses or topics of interest to the reader.

    Although applicable at all times of the year, this book has been compiled with the month of Ramadhān in mind, when the Muslim’s connection with the Qur’an is especially renewed. The Qur’ān is conveniently divided into 30 sections or juz, ideal for it to be completed in a month.

    Professor Mufti Muḥammad Muneeb-ur-Rehman is the leading Pakistani Mufti of the Ahl us Sunnah and former chairman of National Moon sighting (Ru’yat-e-Hilal) Committee. He is a Professor at Jinnah University for Women, Member of National Academic Council of Institute of Policy Studies, Head of Shariah Board of Burj Bank and President of Tanzeem-ul-Madaris and Darul Uloom Naeemia, Karachi.
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