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    Against Hazrat Mu'awiyah (raDiyAllahuanhu):

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    two padris join in prayer:

    Bible exchange:

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    tareekh zaleel calls his brother 'shaykh ul Ilhad':

    Brothers strengthening one another:

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    'Milad' in church:

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    "intention and words are both blasphemous only then will a person become kafir"

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    Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah vol7, page403, #36905:

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    Sunan Abi Dawood vol4, page155, #4449:

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    1. Muslim who says "I do not accept (nahi maanta) Prophet Isa ('alayhissalaam)" is a kafir. This is for "ahl-e-Iman".
    2. The whole world is classified into two groups: "believers" and "non-believers"
    3. Non-Believers are called kuffar, in technical terms "ilmi istilah me".
    Believers are those who:
    "Allah ki bheji hui" "revelation/wahy par", "Heavenly Books/Aasmani KitaboN par", "Prophets/payghambaroN par" "Imaan late hain"
    5. "Mazhab unka koi bhi ho", they may follow any religion.
    6. Jews, Christians and Muslims - these three religions - "
    believers me shumaar hote haiN" - "ye Kuffar me shumaar nahi hote"
    7. some shouts "subHanAllah" at these words. Applause.
    Non-Believers are those: "Joh KISI bhi aasmani kitab par, payghambar par imaan nahi late"
    Believers are divided into: "Ahl-e-Islam" and "Ahl-e-Kitaab".

    For more kufr watch:

    A simple venn diagram will reveal the shenanigans forthwith.
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    his emphasis that attributing lie to the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam even as a dream is a sin.
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    will devbandis stop calling this dajjal a barelvi?

    did i hear properly? he says fayD/fayz al-bukhari.
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    in this dream (which is two months approximately prior to the 9-year dream) he studied with imam azam for 15 to 20 years.

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    tahir studied with imam a'azam for 9 years. (in which he swears by the blessed shoes of the Prophet sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam alongside the Glory of Allah ta'ala - al-iyadhu billah for the suu' e adab)

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    please post his videos, without comments as a central repository.

    in this video tahir studied with jalaluddin suyuti for 15 years. don't know if this was before or after imam a'azam's classes for 9 or 15 or 20 years (according to ikhtilaf e riwayat).

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