tampering in imam nawawi's adhkar

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    GF Haddad mentions this in his book Albānī and his friends under the section of Bin Bāz, he states: “When al-Arnā'ūṭ was asked about it, he replied that the Riyadh agents were the ones who had changed and tampered with the text. A facsimile of his own hand-written statement to that effect was printed in full in Shaykh Mahmud al-Mamduh s Rafʿ al-Minarah” Pg.70
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    long ago, a Sunni told me that wahabis have "censored" or changed the parts of this book where tawassul is propagated/used by Imam Nawawi and/or the section on ziyarah of the Prophet sal Allahu 3alaihi wa sallam after Hajj. it's no secret that the wahabis say that Ghazali, Nawawi and Suyuti erred in their ijtihad and albani and bin baz got it right! i was rightly told to never purchase a Darus Salam published copy of this book, and even otherwise to be careful of which publication i bought. don't remember if it is Al-Adhkar, or another book, but they have wiped out just about all of Imam Nawawi's preface from it.

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