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  1. Noori

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    the singular is tarwee'ha (ترويحة) which means resting or relief, its dual or tathniah (تثنية) is tarwe'hatain (ترويحتين) - in Arabic two is not considered plural but called thathniah (dual). three or more than three things are termed as plural. The plural of tarwee'ha (ترويحة) is taraweeh (تراويح).

    actually the name itself rejects the ruling of 8 raka'at of taraweeh, because in that case there will be only two sittings after each 4 raka'at, thus it would be termed as tarwehatain (ترويحتين) not taraweeh (تراويح).
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  2. Aqdas

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    can someone tell me if this is correct?

    the root word is rawaah or tarweeh, this is the singular which means to rest. when there are two or more resting times, it becomes taraweeh. because we rest 4 times in the 20 rak'ahs, this is why it is taraweeh [plural] instead of rawaah/tarweeh.

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