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  1. غلام رسول

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    The name بدوح is a name of Allah, and not one of the names of the Shayateen. Here is a copy of نقش نوری, which was created by حضور مفتی اعظم ہند رحمة اللہ تعالی علیہ, the name بدوح is written under the Naqsh:

  2. Ahmet Tayfur

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    JazakAllaau Khayran
  3. Umer97

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    The brother who made the video gives no evidences or references or any sort of proof. Neither has he gave his contact details so that he may be contacted in regards to the video and where he gets his information from.
  4. Umer97

    Umer97 Student of Knowledge

    Some scholars have said "Badooh" is the name of Allah, some have said its name of one of the Rijaal ul-gayb and other have said its a name of a shaythaan.

    In the video below Shaykh Asrar talks about the numbers and charts

    The video below is the full seminar

    The video below is the Q&A from the seminar

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    Assalaamu Alaykum wa RahmatuLlaah

    I pray all are well.

    Those brothers versed in knowledge of such matters can you shed some light on the video, link posted below. I ask in order to have an informed position and other Muslims out there can benefit and not fall prey of any devious shaytaanic practices.

    jazakAllaahu Khayran


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