tears of zamzam

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  1. Unbeknown

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    I think that the choice of words "dooba hua hai" is beautiful too.

    zamzam is a well and things get drowned or submerged in it's waters, but in this instance, the well itself is drowned/submerged (in shawq).
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  2. Aqdas

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    Dooba huwa hai shawq me zamzam aur aankh se
    Jhaale baras rahe hain ye hasrat kidhar ki hai

    Zamzam is drowning in affection and from its eyes;
    Heavy rain is falling; for what is this yearning?

    #Alahazrat says: zamzam is saying: 'O visitors of RasulAllah ﷺ! That Ismayil عليه السلام because of whom I flow; you are going to see that personality due to whose light the knife refused to cut Ismayil. Alas! I could come with you.'

    It is in this yearning that tears flow from zamzam like heavy rain and will do so till qiyamah.

    Alahazrat likened the flowing water of zamzam to tears of yearning for RasulAllah ﷺ and that too like the heavy rains of the monsoon!

    What a spectacular analogy!

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