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    The 4-Hour Body: 60 Percent of The Time it Works Every Time!

    Finally my suspicions turn out to be true. He is indeed a very cunning marketer. He's taken lots of freely available ideas, colored them a bit, glossed them, added some personal touches, marketing hype and hey presto you have a money minting machine ready. Add to this a functional blog and new and updated editions and you can guarantee that money keeps pouring in long enough to have created another sensational scam!

    but his not your ordinary fraudster, he is innovative and fast. can you believe this? he's paying VAs (virtual assistants) to recommend his products, post false 'success-stories' not just on his blog but even on amazon? He's literally 'outsourcing' fraud!!

    As hilarious as this seems its equally outrageous. Americans can do ANYTHING to get their bucks. Good i don't have any so i can't get scammed:)

    But reading this made me think:

    Who else have you seen lately who fits this description of a narcissistic, utterly selfish and as devoid of scruples as full he is of cunning deceit and guile? Tahir-ul-Padri, who else?!!

    That brings us to the question that if tim can use paid admirers then why not tahir? and then why can't Hanson, Winters et al.? afterall credibility is all about superior marketing . . . . . . . . .

    all in all this thread seems to be a useless time-waster. the mods may delete it if they want to unclutter space.

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    The Four Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

    Stumbled across the book and having read recommendations on other sites decided to take a peek. Have read the first 100 pages and appears to be promising. Its more like a tips-n-tricks, self-help, psychology, motivation, mythbuster kind of book which can be thought of as a collection of various topics that are otherwise scattered across the net. Its a good read as the author has an engaging style and has lots of anecdotes to keep one interested.

    But Ferriss makes tall claims: following his guidelines will allow you to work just 4 hours per WEEK and still increase your income! And you can spend the rest of your time doing what you like or better still, go globe-trotting!!

    Ferriss is a self-confessed clever marketer, so naturally i am skeptical.

    The thing is i've read a part of his other book "The Four Hour Body" and for a while i experimented with its recommendations and found good results. Secondly, from what i've read so far, i could relate to some of the tips he mentions but the book is mostly for employees and entrepreneurs and so they are the best judges.

    Ferriss runs a blog ( which, not suprisingly, is full of glowing testimonials about the book. (I suggest turning-off images in the browser settings, before visiting the blog, just as a caution).

    I was wondering if any member who is a speed-reader and also a bread-earner could look into it and share his views. (i suspect atleast two of our regular contributors are speed readers).

    The first edition of the book maybe found easily through google. I could post the link but its against the forum rules.

    I think 'the most helpful reviews' section on amazon brings the readers' feet back to the ground. (But even they agree that the first 100 pages are worth reading)


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