The Ahbash refuted in the UK

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  1. Ali_Bash

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    Jazakallh Khair Brother,

    Do you any specific followers of this group so they can be warned against
  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    this is the ahbash site presenting their arguments for the Qiblah direction they hold to be valid

    interestingly, they mention as a proof and one of the appendices (but don't link or reference the document):

  3. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    good one. nazim al-qubrusi along with his aide hisham kabbani was a pioneer in licking boots of kuffar and holding corrupt aqaid, much before 911, others like mark hanson and ali jifry followed suit post 911

    have you heard of the term 'gunah-e-belazzat' a tasteless and useless sin that gets counted as a sin yet it doesn't even appease your nafs? like watching a useless b-grade movie, or perving on the ugliest, nastiest girl in the neighborhood for no real nafsanic reason!

    thats somewhat what the ahbash are in terms of aqaid. they have become mubtadi3is just because of blind following of the stupid personality of Abdullah harari and some others

    they have Ashari aqaid in most matters, but are disrespectful to the sahaba and call it fisq when they talk about those who fought against Sayyiduna Ali radi Allahu 3anhu. if you tell them what about Sayyiduna Talha, Zubayr, and Ummuna Aisha radi Allahu 3anhum ajma3een, they say they repented but others didn't. like the rawafid and tafdilis, they disparage Sayyiduna Ameer Mu3awiyah radi Allahu 3anhu

    that said, they're not tafdilis and hold tight to the afzaliyat of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr and Umar radi Allahu 3anhuma

    they're trigger happy with takfir. they do takfir of ibn taymiyah like some scholars in the past and some Sunnis in the present do too, but they declare kafir anyone who doesn't do takfir of him

    like all cult followers specially wahabis, they will gladly say Ghazali and Suyuti and Ibn Abidin committed errors and/or blunders but when you turn around and say "so isn't it possible Abdullah Harari also committed blunders" they will try to eat you alive, and maybe even do takfir

    they will shamelessly sing the Burdah but take umbrage to "min 3uloomika 3ilmal lauhi wal qalami" and censor those lines again taking the judge jury and executioner approach towards Imam Busiri, yeah he was a great imam but made errors here

    although it is one of the explanations given by aslaf for the blessed Me3raj occasion, 'kaana qaaba qawsayni aw adna' refers to seeing Jibril 3alaihis salam in his true magnificent form, yet most others also say the closeness of the Prophet 3alaihis salam to Allah is majazi and status-wise as Allah is pure from being a body and being in time space distance direction... for some reason they hold tightly to the explanation that it only refers to Jibril 3alaihis salam (like seriously, ok, but what about so many other mutashabihat on so many other topics)

    they also have bizarre fiqh rulings, they claim Shafi3i fiqh, but in my limited knowledge this is not found anywhere in any of the mazhabs

    this is from anecdotal evidence people themselves told me

    - if your rent is overdue, your namaz in that house is null and void (one DI brother had a long discussion with them on this)
    - if you place food that has been in someone else's mouth into your own mouth, you lose wudu (a guy's wife gives the toddler a piece of apple, the child doesn't want to eat it, and takes it out of the mouth, the mother eats that same piece, habashi fiqh says she lost her wudu, dunno if they equate it as vomit)
    - they have caused headaches in usa with Qibla direction - if you have time, investigate first on the topic of using a 2 dimensional mercator map vs an airman/seaman's usage of navigational spherical trigonometry and the shortest path - then try to follow their arguments vs many others (wahabis, Barelwis, devbandis, Turks, Indonesians, etc.) example, from new york city, a habashi would face south east, whereas a wahabi or Barelwis too would face northeast! (this is all over the net, read their philadelphia aicp center's ramblings if you have time)

    other people also have said they have very bizarre fiqh rulings

    although they don't go to the extreme the wahabis accuse them of (they hate each other bitterly) like they permit their men sleeping with kafir women of the west (that's baloney); or they permit women to do tabarruj as long as they cover the 3awrah (this is half true, they don't hold their women back from excessive make up and stuff, and even make amdah videos showing women all dressed up, much like some of the dolled up lady naatkhwans on qtv)

    like us they permit isti3anah and istighathah through awliyaa

    i don't know right now who between Sayyiduna Ghawth and Ahmad Al-Rifia3i radi Allahu 3anhuma they hold to be a higher wali, but if it's the latter Ala Hazrat has something to say to them! (take my comment at face value - i don't know = i don't know)

    ... that and they run their cult like a business network, quite insular only doing business with each other


    for us Barelwis, they will gladly accept invitations from our brethren and go to india, but will come back and say (just like the devbandis) you guys equate Allah's knowledge to the Prophet's 3alaihis salam - when you tell them, like you we say a prophet by definition is someone who is GRANTED ghaybi knowledge BY Allah and how much that is, Allah the Grantor of it knows and the Prophet the receiver of it knows, they say 'no you're saving face, you say the Prophet's knowledge is equal to Allah's, while we don't' (happened with a real Islami bhai i know)

    like devbandis, despite explaining to them a million times, they said to the Islami bhai 'no, you guys say Prophet 3alaihis salam is a body of noor and took human form just like Jibril 3alaihis salam appearing in human form in the hadith of Islam, iman, ihsan'

    again, that said, they don't have a soft spot for devbandis either - they say clearly these guys (devs) have no form or substance, and despise the tablighis!

    they're known to be as thick and lacking in common sense as wahabis, and i can tell you from personal experience, they are!


    all in all - if they really are so honest and not a cult - just like any and every place they go to, ostensibly trying to save people's iman, they never fail to mention rightly so, that Allah is not a body and not in a place or direction -

    let them also equally boldly and openly say that it was fisq to fight against Sayyiduna Ali radi Allahu 3anhu for Ameer Mu3awiyah radi Allahu 3anhu, and other sahaba! (this is an aqidah they keep, or tried to keep, buried deep in their cult)

    Allah knows best.
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  4. HajiNaushah

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    Mawlana Aqdas has Mufti Shams ul Huda distanced himself from Harari?
  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    There is no need to debate these Ahbash. Followers of Harari just need to be asked: do you follow these beliefs of his: https://o9u40a.a2cdn1.secureserver....lah-al-Harari-and-the-Habashis-of-Lebanon.pdf

    If they affirm, Sunnis in Halifax must be told they aren't Sunni and to not send kids to their place.

    Like Sayyid Ghulam Dastagir sahib said, I'm not here to debate. Just tell me if you're willing to rectify yourselves.
  6. Ali_Bash

    Ali_Bash Active Member

    Can someone please explain who the ahbash are, who do they consist of. what are thier goals.

    forgive me for my ignorance
  7. IbnTarim

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    The article titled "Who are the ahbash and what are they doing in Nottingham?" discusses al-Ahbash's efforts to establish themselves in Nottingham in 2011. During this time, the Ahbash actively criticised Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, portraying him as a storyteller rather than a scholar due to him, his students and organisation being active in this city.

    Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani emerged as a unique and formidable challenge to the Ahbash, leading to the majority of their refutations of scholars being directed towards him.

    If anyone doubts how strange and misguided the Ahbash and their shameless Scholars and Sayyids are then look at these YouTube channels:


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  8. AbdalQadir

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    bro, that's a hardcore hashawi mujassimah wahabi website

    no Sunni can take a wahabi's lies seriously, and the habashi's are gonna use that to their advantage, that see, our detractors only use the lies perpetrated by the wahabis against us, they have no real substance on us! (faraz rabbani, nuh keller, gibril haddad et al's empty rhetoric didn't help quash their fitnah either in the 2000's... all these guys said was 'the ahbash are wrong' or 'but they spoke against my sultan al awliaa nazim' without explaining how where when and why they're deviants!)

    see their blogroll and the sites they endorse - some wahabi dog with not zero but rather negative integrity peddles those lies -

  9. IbnTarim

    IbnTarim New Member

    Shaykh Fayyad Farooq defends his Aicp Sunniyy Centre after the confrontation with Shaykh Ghulam Dastagir Gilani:

    Shaykh Fayyad Farooq confronting Imam Shahid Ali a few years ago:

    It’s nice to see brother Kamran calm after this confrontation he had a few years ago with the Salafi Murtaza Khan

    Further reading on Shaykh Fayyad Farooq‘s previous antics
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  10. Ali_Bash

    Ali_Bash Active Member

    who are the Ahbash can some explain in detail and who do they consist of
  11. IbnTarim

    IbnTarim New Member

    Shaykh Fayyad Farooq, who represents the Ahbash / AICP was refuted by Shaykh Ghulam Dastagir Gilani in Halifax, England

    Individuals like him, along with Christopher John-George and other runners for the Ahbash in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, have gained significant social media followings on places like TikTok while masquerading as orthodox Sunnis

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