The Aqeeda of Sayyidina Ghous ul Azam

Discussion in 'Biographical Notes' started by Afzal Sheikh, Mar 15, 2020.

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  1. Afzal Sheikh

    Afzal Sheikh New Member

    After completion of education, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani ‎رضي الله عنه abandoned the city of Baghdad and spent twenty-five years as a wanderer in the desert regions of Iraq as a recluse.
  2. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    Jazakallah khairan bhai . I have some of Mukhtar Holland's translations already at home but i haven't read them yet. I still think we need to work with ibn Qudamas Mughni as well as his other works..wahabis use him alot.
  3. Tariq Owaisi

    Tariq Owaisi Well-Known Member

    Ghunyat recommends Tawassul at the Rawza Shareef like all other Sunni Scholars. Translation here

    You can read some of his translated works/khutbahs at Al-baz publishing
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  4. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    Yes bhai, that is my intention. I was unable to find an English traslation of Al Mughni and the various other works of Ibn Qudamah Raheemullah. I'm sure our esteemed ulema like Janab Sidi Abu Hasan sahib will provide us with references and additional information. Insha allah
  5. FaqirHaider

    FaqirHaider اللَه المقدر والعالم شؤون لا تكثر لهمك ما قدر يكون

    If possible can you find the work of Ibn Qudama (rahmatullahi alayh) that mention these points; as it is good information to have handy, as the neo-wahabi/salafi like quoting from the Hanbali School, and the school mostly depends on Ibn Qudama rh
  6. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    Is there referance in other books that can be used prove that Al Ghouse Ul Azam's aqeeda was pure sunni. I know that in Ibn Qudamah's writings he advocates Tawassul and the visitation of the graves of the pious. Are there any other references available? Many wahabis claim The Sheikh to be one of their scholars. Would be nice if we could debunk them on this subject.
  7. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    perhaps the shaykh had his reasons, but as i have pointed out in biographies written closer to the shaykh's time - such as ibn rajab's tabaqat al-hanabilah mentions that the shaykh wrote a book named ghunyah. whether it was the same book or not is a moot point.
  8. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Veteran

    A`lahadrat writes that Imam Shah Abd al-Haq Dihlawi rahmatullahi alayh said it was not the work of Ghawth al-Azam radhiyallahu anhu. Imam Ibn Hajar Makki in Fatawa Hadithiyya says do not be fooled as there are iftiraa upon Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al Jilani radhiyallahu anhu in the book Ghunyat al-talibin (apologies if this is not a direct translation - it is translating the meaning)

    51828310_359178638253598_6457450095079063552_n.jpg 51885760_400256680544772_7803440648907915264_n.jpg
  9. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Veteran

  10. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    Jazakallah...this was a very delightful video.

    And in regards to al Ghunya .... is there evidence which we can use to prove to wahabis that Ghous ul Azam is from our Aqeeda and not theirs.
  11. AR Ahmed

    AR Ahmed Veteran

    There are Ahlus Sunna who are Hanbali in aqida
  12. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    I always thought that atharis were Mujassem...I could be wrong ...
  13. Alf

    Alf Active Member

    Athari is ahlus sunnah. the only thing i've heard from sunni sources is that the wahabis are not proper atharis, although they may claim so.
  14. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtu .

    I have started this thread so that we could debunk the myth that sayyidina SheikhAbdul Qadir Jilani was an Athari/salafi.

    Wahabis continuously quote Al Ghunya.... also they make reference to Ibn Qudamah al maqdisi(one of the student of the sheikh) who they claim was also Athari and anti- asha'ira...

    Finally some wahabis quote the sheikh doing thakfir of Imam Abu Hanifa ...

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