The Elesian Tablecloth

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    (1) from the Lord, we ask for (spiritual) propriety;
    For the ill-mannered is deprived from the mercy of the Lord

    (2) the ill mannered doesn't only keep himself deprived;
    Rather, spreads he does, the Fire of deprivation in the entire world!

    (3) without being heard or seen, and without being bought;
    A tablecloth descended from heaven with chosen food [al-Mann wa as-Salwa]

    (4) a few ungracious from amongst the nation of Moses denied it;
    Saying - "We want some delectable onions and lentils instead"

    (5) the Elesian tablecloth now stopped descending (due to such ungratefullness); left they were, suffering, having to sow (for sustenance) with shovel and spade.

    (6) on the behest of his disciples, Jesus (Allah bless him with peace) requested his Lord;
    So He sent some selected food on a tray

    (7) then the fools showed their folly and disobedience;
    Like donkeys, saving food for later whereas this was prohibited

    (8) Jesus (Allah bless him with peace) pleaded with his people to stop; "this table cloth will stay forever, the food won't stop coming from the earth!"

    (9) finally due to their greed and disobedience, this grace (heavenly food) ceased coming;
    For due to disobedience, the doors of Allah's mercy are shut

    Advice from Mawlana Rumi:

    (10) due to not giving the obligatory alms, droughts appear;
    Due to fornication and adultery, strange and harmful illnesses spread

    (11) if the darkness of melancholy is found inside you;
    It is due to your own insolence and disobedience

    Translated by a dear brother from the Mathnawi of Mawlana Rumi. He tried to keep English as simple as possible so it is accessible by all. May Allah accept his effort.
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