The FSA - A Great Big Farce!

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Hamoudeh, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Hamoudeh

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  2. kattarsunni

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    An example of what I was trying to point out about 'finer points' is what Shaykh Abdul Hadi Kharsah points out:

    Of course, these issues are not always black and white. Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, save Muslim blood from being spilt.
  3. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    Brother Hamoudeh, I love Shaykh Muhammad Ali Sabuni's stance especially:

    Listen to this also:

    Shaykh Kurayim is a great scholar also.

    JazakAllah for the statement of Shaykh Kharsa on Dr Buti. Just looking at it now. As well as the article on the shrines.

    I loved the way Shaykh Usama Rifai refuted the notion of American backing in the interview I posted in my previous post.
  4. Hamoudeh

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    I was asking because a lack of context might give the wrong impression. Thank you for clarifying, finer details indeed. I posted his resignation and support for Shaykh Krayyim Rajih and the Rifa`i Shaykhs before on the blog, but this is his most recent article:

    Shaykh Kharsa on the Free Syrian Army


    Shaykh Kharsa: Until When, Shaykh Buti?

    Shaykh Husayni Refutes “Islamic Sham”

    Any corrections, translations or other contributions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. kattarsunni

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  6. Hamoudeh

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  7. Hamoudeh

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    What are you trying to say?
  8. kattarsunni

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    Well this is Shaykh Abdul Hadi Kharsa's fatwa, who is a major scholar of Syria and Sufi master:

  9. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    I thought I already explained my views about him in:

    My concern is for Syria to become a peaceful, functional society again after the fall of this regime. Syria is a religiously and ethnically diverse country, and for it not to be at war with itself it needs to accommodate all religious and ethnic groups. This is what most Syrians are after and Araour supports them in that.

    The question is, does your concern lie with Araour in particular or Wahhabism in general? Is there any Wahhabi Shaykh that you do not consider a Shaytan? Do you know of such a Shaykh who does not think graves are being worshipped? There is a long list of such Shaykhs, as there are many different Wahhabi groups, who on top of all of that have even worse views and want to impose them upon the people by force. Is this not what happened in Libya, or for that matter Mali and Somalia? It happened once in Syria by the hands of other than Assad, but it was not by any followers of Araour. Had those people left their al-Qaeda teachings and listened to what Araour had to say in that video, it wouldn't have happened.

    Instead of seeing in that video, which I also pointed out in my post, how Araour rejects imposing his views upon people, all you see are the views themselves. Araour is a Wahhabi, the criminals in Libya were Wahhabis, so now Araour is guilty of their crimes? I find him to be little different from the Syrian Wahhabi Shaykhs who have been living in exile and who aren't a threat to the society they live in.

    As for his influence, I disagree. It's limited and certainly not more than that of others (Sufi leaders mind you, with murids and students leading entire Jama`at; quite different from a somewhat clownesque 'supporter' on a tv show, popular as he may be). I've addressed the issue of his influence in the post. I even included the videos of the meeting of the Majalis Askari, and I'm not sure from what you concluded that he's their spiritual leader: his mere presence and speaking? And why can't it be the other way around, I see a Shaykh at a military gathering of officers and not officers at a gathering of the Shaykh. If Shaykh al-Qurra had shown up, do you think his presence wouldn't have been appreciated, or would you have called him their spiritual leader for it?
  10. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    Hamoudeh, what is your opinion of Arour? It seems you are fine with him being a part of the revolution? In the video you posted Arour implies the graves are worshiped.
    When people allowed these people in Libya the blew up the graves of companions and took out bodies of the graves. This man is a shaytan:

    This man seems more influential on the ground than many:!
  11. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    I wanted to add that the sectarian mentalities prevalent in this thread are causing a warped view of the reality in Syria and are divorced from the path of the Sunni scholars in this revolution. Shaykh al-Yaqoubi is the one most people here know so understand that you are only doing yourself a disservice by referring to him. Anyone who actually listens to what he has to say quickly finds out the difference. I'm referring here to both the falsely alleged Wahhabism on the part of the FSA, the revolution, in fact the Syrian people, as well as the misconceived Alawism on the part of the regime. I'm also referring to the national coalition and their international relations, their agenda for Syria and so on. The overwhelming majority of scholars in the revolution are with both the coalition and the FSA, who are the sons and defenders of the Syrian people. I've collected much information about many of such scholars on the blog, but apparently only the name Araour pops up (who isn't even on the list), of course Shaykh Yaqoubi even though completely misrepresented, and whenever something happens to a shrine and even that completely misrepresented. All of this on top of the massive ignoring of the genocide and mass destruction unleashed upon the Syrian people by the accursed regime, which is the engine that drives this revolution: not by or against any sect or religion.

    Wassalamu `alaykum

    PS: Abu Aleshba, can you send me an e-mail (info@ see signature). It's not that you keep mentioning me, but I greatly appreciate your input about Syria on this forum. By the way, I don't find Aboud to be fair and correct in those remarks, but they come out of the tragedy of Homs. May Allah save the people of Halab, Homs, the rest of Syria and all of the oppressed in the world from these horrors.
  12. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    Kattarsunni, you should be angry about it, you should be angry about many things. But what has Araour got to do with it and why do you falsely claim that he is the spiritual leader of the FSA? You're implying here something very wicked and are using what happened to the grave of Sayyidina Shaykh Sirajuddin for it. If that is the result of your anger, it's not needed.
    (this one was for you, but hey ...)
  13. Hamoudeh

    Hamoudeh New Member

    Shadilli you are simply parroting Muhammad Sakti, so the same applies to you. The FSA are barely able to fill their guns with bullets, and roofs have collapsed over their heads. People who suffer from hunger, thirst, cold on top of the bombardments and snipers and everything else have a right to complain, what right do you have to use their suffering in order to badmouth the FSA? Why are you acting as if all the horrors is because of them, who has been bombarding Sayyidina Khalid's Mosque, with his shrine in it, for months on end along with the rest of Homs?
  14. Hamoudeh

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    Muhammad Sakti, you are the farce. The FSA did not desecrate a single shrine in Halab or elsewhere, and neither did Shaykh al-Ya`qoubi, who supports the coalition and the FSA, accused them of doing so. The crime against the shrine of Shaykh Muhammad Jarabeh was claimed by Jabhat al-Nusra, and they are not part of the FSA. This kind of nonsense and more characterize all of your six posts, you clearly don't know what you're talking about and I don't know why you are using the Shaykh's name or my blog to try to substantiate your fantasies of elves, hobbits and wizards. By the way you are quoting a chant from Halab thinking it's calling for you, but the only competition the FSA is up against comes from Jabhat al-Nusra.
  15. Ghulam

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    Turkey and Morocco should invade Syria and get rid of the Nusayris and wahabbis
  16. shadilli

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    People starving, people homeless, children orphaned, women left as widows, parents loosing children and now the FSA wiping out any sign of Sunniyat. How long will people hail the FSA? In this video it shows the damage done to the masjid of Sayyiduna Khalid Ibn Walid (Radhi Allahu anh)!
  17. kattarsunni

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    SubhanAllah. That is the 'Nasihatu ahlilIslam'.
  18. kattarsunni

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  19. shadilli

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    The reports regarding the current activities of the FSA are on par, in authenticity, as reports regarding anything else in Syria. Everyone has been taking their news on Syria from the media, but I sense this current change of face from the FSA will have people saying that the media now has some sort of propaganda out against those fighting against the goverment.

    If anything, we can at least be certain of the FSA destroying maqams which has been reported by several sources, with photo/video evidence, and, if as Muhammad Sakti says, verified by Shaykh Muhammad Yaqoubi.

    However things are, no one can deny that the FSA aren't filling the stomachs of those starving, nor are they putting roofs over heads:
  20. Abu Aleshba

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    I don't want to respond to the comments about the FSA and other claims. Someone like brother Hamoudeh could better respond if he hasn't already covered it on his blog.

    I only post as I read some comments posted earlier today on Syria Comment which are relevant to this thread.


    - 'Menhebakjis' = a term for devoted regime supporters.

    A follow up comment here:

    And another:

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