The Gaza Strip - Life in Palestine

Discussion in 'Sunniport Multimedia' started by Wadood, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Wadood

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    I saw a few clips of that vulgar movie called King David by Richard Gere.

    The moral of that movie was this, "The Jewish God is a Jealous God" He is God only for the children of Israel, not the Gentiles. You can chop off the heads of the Gentiles and make place for the Jewish People, the chosen people.

    The philistines must be crushed. These people who worship heathen gods must be annihilated to the LAST MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD.

    Prophet Samuel condones this. King Saul must comply.

    Now infront of such a teaching, I wonder what the Palestinians really suffer in daily life let alone their children
  2. abu nibras

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    The Gaza Strip : A documentary on the plight of the children of Palestine.

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