The God Delusion

Discussion in 'Bibliophile's Corner' started by Unbeknown, Oct 5, 2013.

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    I'm reading it now. So far, not impressed. I do feel some of our scholars in the West should adress this book, however.
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    that sounds like a load of nonsense. insha'allah I'll buy the book myself and have a read.
  6. :s1:
    Brother Faqir,
    Wiki has an excellent summary of Dawkin´s book. The portions relevant to your question are reproduced below:

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    I want to add to what Sidi Naveed said, Shaykh Hamza is a man of Allah, taught by men of Allah, for the sake of Allah

    I remember Shaykh Hamza say that he does not want the USA to bomb Iran, because he saw Iranians cry in the Prophet's masjid :sas: with tears flowing down their cheeks and covering their faces. Shaykh Hamza said that he does not want these people to be bombed.
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    brother naqshi, can you summarise how Dawkins discounts the Kalam cosmological proof?

    also bro, i am not sure you are completely right on what you mentioned regarding Imam ghazali

    Have you read his Iljam?
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    Shaykh Hamza Yusuf's talk in birmingham was amazing.
    He has gifts from Allah(swt).

    Very impressive.

    This is the sort of dai'ee that will convert the masses of westerners to Islam.
    By his husn.His adab. His ilm.
    He knows so much
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    Al-Iqtişād Fi-l-I’tiqād:

    “The second group of people: a section that inclines away from the true belief, such as the blasphemers and deviant innovators. The averse and vulgar are among these; those of weak minds that are stuck in blind imitation and are argumentative based on falsehood from the beginning of their lives until old age. Nothing works on this group except the whip and the sword. Most of the non-Muslims became Muslims under the shadow of the sword, because Aļļāh does by the sword and the spear what He does not do by proofs and words. From this, if you read history, you will not read about any battle between Muslims and blasphemers without there being some of them that become Muslims, and you will not find a debate that did not just increase insistence and stubbornness. Do not think that this that we have mentioned reduces the status of the mind and its proofs. Rather, the enlightenment of the mind is a grace that Aļļāh does not grant anyone except a few of those who obey Him. The overwhelming state of creation is shortcoming and negligence, however, and due to their shortcoming, they do not sense the proofs of the mind, just as the sight of bats does not sense the light of the sun.
  11. ps of course imam ghazali reached a different conclusion via the sufi path!
  12. i've read it. it is a v good book. basically he says u cannot rationally prove god exists therefore it is highly improbable that he does. imam ghazali showed the same thing about 900 years ago!

    dawkins problem is he doesnt admit that there can be non-rational truths too and he dismisses spiritual experiences as collective hallucination. that is the weak point of his argument and his book although logically his arguments are good.
    also read the book the dawkins' delusion. not bad either but too emotional.

    i agree with you faqir about the focus of our ulama.
    i read it to 'test' my iman. alhamdulillah i passed!
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    I confronted Dawkins ideas when he came to deliver a speech just a few weeks back at my university. It was an academic protest. He was giving his speech on his book "the God Delusion". The day earlier a self-imposed athiest got beaten up by two evangelists.
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    as-salamu alaikum

    anyone read 'the God delusion' by Dawkins? sh. hamza mentioned it at the book launch today [was a nice event and the book does look real good] and it got me thinking... instead of translating classical texts perhaps our Western scholars should be focussing on contemporary modern day issues like atheism/darwinism/'the God Delusion' and similar material from modern atheists etc etc

    I've been recommended the following by mcGrath who is a Christian theologian at Oxford

    Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life by Alister McGrath

    The Dawkins Delusion by McGrath

    The Science Of God: An Introduction To Scientific Theology
    another title by mcgrath

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