The Hadith of the Slave Girl - Where is Allah?

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  1. looks great--if you can read arabic! thanks for the link though :)
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    as-salamu 'alaikum,

    a fascinating link which was posted elsewhere

    Imam Ahmad is quoted as saying the slave girl is not a mu'minah.

    Elsewhere a brother mentioned a highly valuable quote from the above link.... Imam An-Nawawi from his Rawdhatu Taalibeen

    قال الإمام النووي رحمه الله في الروضة 10/85 ( ولو قال ـ أي الكافر ـ لا إله إلا ساكن السماء . لم يكن مؤمنا , وكذا لو قال : لا إله إلا الله ساكن السماء , لأن السكون محال على الله ) اهـ

    This was translated as follows by Abul Layth

    "And if - meaning the kaafir - says "There is no God except the one saakin (who resides in - or indwells) the heavens" has not become a Mu'min. And the same case if it said, "There is no god but Allah, the one who resides in the heavens (indwells)", that is because As-Sukoon (indwelling) is preposterous for Allah!"

    i really like the rayaheen forums - there is nothing remotely like it in English. there is really a lot of useful stuff there.

    another useful link on this subject:

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