The Insulters of the Prophet ﷺ

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    While Allah's Apostle was praying beside the Ka`ba, there were some Quraish sitting in a gathering. One of them said, 'Don't you see this? Who amongst you can go and bring the dung, blood and the abdominal contents of the slaughtered camels of the family of so and so and then wait till he prostrates and put that in between his shoulders?' The most unfortunate amongst them (`Uqba bin Abi Mu'ait) went away and when Allah's Apostle prostrated, he put them between his shoulders. The Holy Prophet remained in prostration and they laughed so much so that they fell on each other. A passerby went to Fatima, who was a young girl in those days. She came running and the Prophet was still in prostration. She removed them and cursed the Quraish on their faces. When Allah's Apostle completed his prayer, he said, 'O Allah! Take revenge on Quraish.' He said so thrice and added, 'O Allah! take revenge on `Amr bin Hisham, `Utba bin Rabi`a, Shaiba bin Rabi`a, Al-Walid bin `Utba, Umaiya bin Khalaf, `Uqba bin Abi Mu'ait and `Umar bin Al-Walid." `Abdullah (the narrator) added, "By Allah! I saw all of them dead in the battle field on the day of Badr and they were dragged and thrown in the Qalib (a well) at Badr: Allah's Apostle then said, 'Allah's curse has descended upon the people of the Qalib (well).(Bukhari)
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    When Utaiba, son of Abu Lahab got separated from Kulsoom the daughter of the Holy Prophet, he came to him and said, “I have rejected your religion, and divorced your daughter. Neither should you have any liking for me, nor do I have any love for you”. Upon this, the Holy Prophet prayed, “O Allah! Set a dog amongst your dogs upon him (Utaiba bin Abu Lahab).” (Tibrani)

    Utaiba was later sent by his father Abu Lahab, on a mission to Syria. Whilst he slept in a field, surrounded by camels and comrades to protect him from wild animals, a lion sought him out from others and tore him apart.
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    no update ?
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    Can someone post a detailed story of the insulters of the Prophet ﷺ while he was praying in Kaba. The story is in Bukhari. Abu Jahl, Utba Ibn Rabea, Shayba Ibn Rabia, Ukba Ibn Abi Maeet and Uby Ibn khalaf.

    It would be good if someone wrote how each one died and there was one who ran away to Habasha and then he was bewitched and another one who ran away and he was torn apart by some wild animal.


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