The Light Of The Eyes

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    SubhanAllah Azzawajal. JazakAllahu khayran for this. This book is indeed beautiful Ma sha Allah

    Apne Daman e shafa'at mein chupaye rakhna Mere Sarkar ﷺ meri baat banai rakhna ﷺ

    Sadqey Ya RasulAllah ﷺ
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    Aqib Qadri mashallah
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    “The Light of the Eyes” – a title that tends to encompass the sublimity and grandeur of the being who is the cause of all creations. Every object of all the worlds craves to see the radiant face of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and this craving is, in fact, the manifestation of the love that Allah Almighty has ingrained in each heart for His beloved Messenger. So, it is but natural that a true Muslim always has a strong desire to see and to be in the blessed company of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). However, there is no hard and fast method to materialize this yearning. Recitation of Quran, sending “darood and salam”, purification of one’s heart and to be just and philanthropic in dealing with people are some of the pre-requisites for having the vision of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). And it is these things that the book in hand focuses on.

    The author of the book, Aqib Farid, occupies a formidable position in the realm of writing authentic books that propagate the love of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) on the one hand, and purify our faith the way Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi strived during his whole life, on the other. His well celebrated English translation of “Kanz-ul-Iman” stands a testimony to this fact. I also have the privilege of listening to his inspiring speeches, and here too, he vehemently tries to cleanse the rusty hearts so as to enable them to assimilate the light of true faith. Recently, he has been making his mark in composing beautiful and melodious Naats imbibed with rich imagery and ardent love of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The current book is yet an endeavor to benefit those who wish to have a glimpse of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in their dreams.

    This book is undoubtedly rare of its kind. Rarely do we come across such verses from the Holy Quran or Daroods that may lead us to seeing the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) in a dream, and there is hardly any comprehensive book available on this topic. It began as a translation of an Arabic book, but many additions and deletions have been made to make to this book a compact compendium of all possible ways leading to the vision of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

    The arrangement of the book is also marvelous. Before unfolding the seventy treasures, a few chapters have been added that deal with the excellence of Qur’an recitation, invocations and salutations upon the Holy Prophet, and also beholding the Holy Prophet in a dream. At the same time, simple reading or recitation is not enough. There are special pre-requisites and etiquettes that have to be followed before reciting a particular treasure to have a successful vision. Then the addition of beautiful poetry by Ahlesunna scholars expressing an intense desire to have a sight of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is really commendable. Particularly, the way the verses have been translated into English is really fascinating. Above all, the words of advice have a note of optimism even for those who are not granted the keenly cherished vision. Every action has a reaction. What they do in this respect never goes waste. There is a fabulous reward for reciting the Quran, invocations and sending salutation to the beloved Prophet and also have a desire to have his vision.

    Another conspicuous feature of this book is that all the seventy priceless pearls which either come from the Quran or invocations have been well referenced. Besides, the way these have to be performed has been clearly explained with specific number. Many of them have been tried and proven. So, the ardent devotees of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) can choose any one of the treasures depending upon the time and convenience they can afford.

    Finally, I spontaneously say that this book is really a gift for all those who love the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and yearn to have his glimpse in their dream.

    Muhammad Iqbal,

    Lecturer, Majmaah University,

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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    In sha Allah, the book will soon be published by the Siraaj e Millat Foundation in Mumbai.
    The Light Of The Eyes.jpg In sha Allah, the book will soon be published by the Siraaj e Millat Foundation in Mumbai.
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    Seventy (70) Priceless Treasures (Methods) for beholding the Beloved Prophet, the Living Master, Hazrat Mohammed (Allah's blessings and peace be upon him)

    For undoubtedly - for the believers - he is:-


    The Noble Messenger of Allah has said: “The people most loved by me from amongst my Ummah would be those who would come after me but everyone amongst them would have the keenest desire to catch a glimpse of me even at the cost of his family and wealth.”

    Indeed, Allah’s beloved Messenger has spoken the truth!

    His face is the late morning light, his hair locks the dark night,
    The believer sends blessings upon him, longing for just a sight!

    The book is available HERE
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