the light of the prophet and the hadith of jabir

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  1. Sidi Aqdas- jazakAllahu khayran for this work by Hazrat Shaykh ul-Hadith Mawlana Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadri alayhi rahmah. It is really a great gift that we have you as a translator!

    We need to show more of these works to the general public!
  2. For your information, I believe the Prophet sal ALlahu alayhi wa salim's nur was CREATED first.....And your post makes no sense. You seem to love to befuddle and make unfounded assumptions.
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    How can I contact your peer Sb? Plz give me a mailing address for him. As far as I been told, Qadris support Hazrat Sb.

    The writter Allama Abdul Hakim Qadri is writing that Huzoor Paks (صلى الله عليه وسلم) noor was made first and he has proved it with many hadiths. You are following Sheikh Yaqubi in other posts but he doesn't believe in the hadith used by Abdul Hakim Qadri. So will you say that this article is against him now? Do you beleive that Huzoor Paks (صلى الله عليه وسلم) noor was made first? If not, Allama Abdul Hakim Qadris article must also be against you. Are you going to redo your shahaadah like last time again once you have thought about this?
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    A deobandi did not have any answer to that clear cut evidence from Quran sherif, so he said

    That is the safest way to escape!.

    Now the same deobandi showed another lack of understanding when he quoted a paragraph from Ja al Haq and made his SUPERB comment.

    Deobandi writes:

    Can we see this fabrication and twist?


    Read the last part of the paragrpah. It states

    therefore it is wrong to argue on the basis of the apparent meaning of such verses."

    Now the question arises: It is wrong to argue WHAT?

    What inference is wrong from that verse?

    Answer= To use that verse to call prophet as "Bashar"!

    But deobandi showed his colour and stated

    Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan (Rh) is using that verse to show that although the verse says bashar for prophet, it does not mean we can call prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa salalm) as bashar, just like verse " The likeness of the Rabb's noor is like a niche on which there is a lamp". This verse also includes the word "misl" (likeness), so can any body say that noor of Allah is like the brightness of a lamp?

    So we see that Mufti Ahmed Yar Khan ( rh) is using that verse to prove that prophet can not be called Bashar.

    He did not deny his being bashar!

    But deobandis are either cunning to twist the meaning or they lack understanding!

    An example to understand this issue

    Ashraf ali thanvi's mother is the wife of ashraf ali thanvi's father.
    That does not mean ashraf ali thanvi will adress his mother as "my father's wife, though that relation is correct.

    Insha Allah I plan to compile some good deobandi reference on this issue with interesting scans!
  5. I agree with Hadrat Shaykh ul-Hadith Allama Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadri's fatwa against Tahirul Qadri.

    Tahirul Qadri has committed extreme deviations, many of which I have listed on sunniTalk
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    I heard from one of my seniors, a student of Allamah Abdul Hakim Sharaf Qadiri that his love of teaching ahadith and the respect for it and to his students too was so great that when he taught, even if it had to be for hours and hours in a stretch, he would sit in the tashahhud position.
  7. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    Very much so! He did not consider tahirul qadiri to be sunni.
  8. No he wasn't. He is against tahirul qadri
  9. hayaa

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    Thank you very much again. Another good article to defend Sunni beliefs. This author has written another real referenced book with volume and page numbers which we need. Is he a student from Minhaj ul Quran?
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    Allah bless you Aqdas Bhai for this work
  11. masha Allah, another great piece Aqdas.
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    It is stated in Tafseer Noor ul-Irfan (by Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Naeemi) that the Prophets have been called human beings (like us) in the holy Qur'an only by the following three:
    1. Allah azza wajal
    2. The Prophets themselves
    3. Kuffars

    Nowhere in the holy Qur'an has any believer addressed his/her Prophet as "human being like us".

    Which begs the question - which category does ibn Arabi (and his wahabi/deobandi ilks) belong: The Allah, a Prophet or a kuffar?
  13. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    at least you did know deny this.

    you accept isma'il as your imam. this is what your other imam, gangohi, wrote:

    The Prophet was made of Noor. All things apart from Noor have a shadow and because of the Prophet's Nooraniyat (light), he did not possess a shadow [imdad al-suluk, p.85].

    who's wrong: you or gangohi?​
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    Lol.... ....
  15. Abdul Rehman Butt

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    "sar ba kaf sar buland. where are my purple knickers"


    Aqdas bhai's translations are wonderful, but this comment had me laughing so hard my that my work collegues were worried for a while
  16. abu nibras

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    exacly, this is sufi stuff, metaphysical.....what's the word, meaningless, rather one which we say is okay when we are in our blue hats before arab ulema. when wearing the yellow hats its not okay, rather wrong, pure bidah.

    ssssh ....... p.s. when wearing purple knickers you can even call it shirk , but you should be in your knickers and should be smelling the stench from the alley behind your madarsa.

    sar ba kaf sar buland. where are my purple knickers.
  17. Ibn Arabi

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    A strange comment from the article:

    The accepted leader of Ghayr Muqallids and the scholars of Deoband, Shah Isma[FONT=&quot]‟[/FONT]il Dihlawi, writes:

    This hadith shows that saints, prophets, imams, pirs, martyrs and all the people close to Allah; they are all humans and helpless people and our brothers. But, Allah has given them greatness, so they are elder brothers. He has ordered us to obey them, we are their younger brothers.9

    Does this not undoubtedly mean that he believes Prophets are humans like us? And is this not akin to what the Kuffar used to say about the Prophets of their eras?

    It was not only the Kuffar that said the Prophets were human beings like us, but the Prophets themselves:

    Their Messengers [rusul] said unto them: We are but men [bashar] like you, but Allah giveth grace unto whom He will of His slaves (Qur'an 14:11)

    Say: I am only a man [bashar] like you. My Lord inspireth in me that your God is only One God (Qur'an 18:110)

    It goes without saying the "likeness" is not in virtue but in "humanity". The Prophets are, like us, human beings, but they are the best of human beings. As for the question of the primordial Muhammadan Light (from the hadith of Jabir), I prefer to think of it as a disputed question, one which has spiritual benefit for the mystics but should not be made to create sectarian divides. That he is a light of guidance, in a metaphorical sense, none can deny. I do, however, think it incorrect to believe, as the article says, that the Prophet was in "reality" a Light and only outwardly a "man" like the Angel Jibril when he appeared before Maryam. The Prophet was not only outwardly a human being, he was a human being, unlike Jibril.
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    Simply beautiful. Subhanallah! What a great gift bhai...JZK! :)
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    here in the UK, 25th safar ['urs e rida] was yesterday; so i had posted this in honour of our master, alaHazrat.

    i learned that in the subcontinent, 25th safar is today! so, here's another present.

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