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    The night is between Tuesday and Wednesday (01 - 02 May 2018). In some countries it may be a day earlier.

    Download and share the book below.
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    I am pleased to announce release of this new book (Version 1), regarding the upcoming Night of Deliverance (Laylat ul Bara'ah / Shab e Bara'at). This book has been completed just today, and may require rectifications, but since the time is so near, I have released it immediately.

    I pray to Allah to accept this humble endeavor, for the sake of His Beloved Apostle, and to make it beneficial. Ameen.


    On the night of 15th of Sha’baan (8th month of the Islamic Calendar), the majority of Muslims throng to the mosques to offer voluntary prayers (Nawafil), read the Holy Qur’an, ask Allah for His favours and to repent from sins.

    This 15th Night of Sha’baan is often called “Laylat ul Baraah” or “The Night of Deliverance” for the narrations from the Holy Prophet clarify that a huge number of believers obtain salvation in this night, due to the infinite mercy of Allah Almighty.

    Despite several sacred irrefutable evidences regarding the merits of observing this night in worship, the worship itself is unjustly labelled by newly founded factions as a “blameworthy innovation”, and therefore an act that must be avoided. We have dedicated one chapter to answering the allegations and objections.

    This article is a humble attempt to highlight the benefits of observance of this night, by following the orders of Allah Almighty and His Noble Apostle Hazrat Mohammed (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him).

    This article is not an explanation regarding what is meant by ‘innovation”: readers may refer to other texts to obtain a better understanding of that.

    This article is divided into the following sections:-

    1. The importance of the month of Sha’baan, as per the Holy Quran and Hadeeth

    2. The importance of the night of 15th Sha’baan– as per Holy Quran and Hadeeth

    3. The importance of Supplication & the Seeking of Forgiveness.

    4. The Methods of Observing this Night & the associated rewards.

    5. Objections on observing 15th Sha’baan and their answers.

    6. The evil of preventing people from virtue.

    7. The Recommended Supplication on 15th Night of Sha’baan
    The book can be downloaded from here: THE NIGHT OF DELIVERANCE

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