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    These are my own comments:

    And on the day of resurrection, the person, man or woman, will be raised from the dust, the brick, the whatever, and will endure the 'life of the judgement day' as Imam al-Haddad radyAllahu 'anhu mentioned. And that will be when the speaking brick itself will be reminded again of what itself did and there will be no reminding for others, as everyone will be shown what he/she did.
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    May Allāh have mercy on you, what do you think about that [death] which shall descend upon you and which shall take away your gorgeousness and grace; which shall transform your looks and appearance and wipe away your beauty and face; that which shall put an end to your company [with friends and beloved ones] and your communication [with them]; and transport you from luxury and comfort, from authority and power, from glory and hauteur to a state from which, even the closest and most beloved ones will flee and have pity on you; the kindest among them will still cast you in a pit in the earth, narrow, and dark…upon which animals will build their homes and worms and vermin will dominate you and feast upon you.

    And after some time when you are annihilated and fused with the earth and have become dust – probably dust on the feet of others, kicked around; dust, a potter might use to make a glass; or the earth used to patch a wall or used to plaster a water-container or an oven upon a baker's fire…

    It has been reported that Sayyiduna Álī rađiyAllāhu ánhu was given a glass to drink water and he took it in his hand and said: ‘Allāh táālā knows how many beautiful eyes and charming cheeks are there inside you’.

    It is said that two men were quarreling upon a piece of land and Allāh táālā made a brick in the wall on that land to speak and it said: ‘O men, why do you fight? And for what do you fight? I was a king of such and such a land, and lived in such and such a time. But then, I died [was buried ] and became dust. A thousand years passed and a potter took me and made a glass from the earth that I was until it broke. I remained so [as clay] for another thousand years until another man took me and fashioned me into a brick and pasted me in this wall.

    Why then, do you fight and why then do you argue?’

    At-Tadhkirah, Al-Qurtubi, pg.31-32
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