The unraveling. It's game over Assad.

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  1. great gallery -- thanks.
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    sharif hussein, son of sharif ali pasha.

    alahazrat's book al-dawlatu'l makkiyyah was recited in front of sharif ali pasha in his court and who kept the original manuscript with him. further copies were made from that MS.
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    Post disappeared as log in time must have expired. Nevermind.

    I was saying how, going by news and video footage coming out of Syria, the casualties amongst Assad forces in terms of men and tanks was unsustainable. His forces appear to be taking a beating. Robert Fisk said the same while quoting a source in his recent article.

    Moving on. After the defection of Manaf Tlass there was speculation whether he was a defector or a deserter. Commentators were unsure whether he would speak out against the regime or instead play it safe for the sake of relatives in Syria who may be under threat.

    Syria Comment has been updated with a new post confirming his defection and also carrying his statement from Paris.
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    Continuing from the Syria Comment blog article by Prof Joshua Landis on the top Sunni defection, here are a couple of BBC World Service appearances by the Professor following the news of the defection. He knows Syria quite well.

    The second one in particular is a good listen. They're quite short. [Available for six more days].

    Listen from 9min.

    Listen from the start.

    In the next post I want share something else. Something the Professor also touches on. He states that the rebel successes on the battlefield are causing these developments (this defection) rarther than what is happening in international capitals.
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    Correction to previous post:

    Of course I was referring to Manaf Tlass as the regimes top Sunni, who has defected. The son of Mustafa Tlass.

    Editing time is short on Sunniport.
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    Well, well, well!

    You may have heard of former President Hafez al Assad's right hand man Mustafa Tlass (Sunni). Earlier in the revolution he was said to have gone to Paris with his sons. Some hoped he had defected. This was dismissed and it was said that they were in Paris for business. Anyway, it was pointed out they wouldn't defect while the other son was still inside Syria and still a high ranking member of the regime.

    It seems the regimes top Sunni figure has defected. Shab e Barat has brought some good news. SubhanAllah.

    Are we going to see Mustafa Tlass speak out on the situation and further undermine the doomed regime? Are the Sunnis (merchants or elite) who are still with the regime going to feel the game is up and follow suit?

    InshaAllah Haq will be revealed. Many of us new the lies and denials of the regime and it's propagandists. Now a member of the inner circle will hopefully reveal all and put the final nail in this regime's coffin.
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    A few days ago I learned that Mufti Hassoun would be in Washington DC on the 28th of June to attend a speaking event organised by the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP).

    In the last couple of days people online were rallying each other to put pressure on the organisers to withdraw the invitation to the Mufti or for US Visa to be denied. They accused the Mufti of standing with this brutal regime and also recalled his 'Suicide bomb' threats.

    Just heard that the event has been cancelled:
  11. We can only pray that Turkey and other Sunni countries--perhaps aided by NATO--soon destroy this vile regime. I was sort of hoping the downing of a Turkish jet last night would be a reason for the sons of the Ottomans to invade Syria and destroy Assad's regime...
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    Journalist Max Blumenthal leaves pro-Assad Newspaper.

    The purpose of this post? Pro-Assad propagandists will talk about the 'lies' of Al Jazeera (AJ) and other channels. They will tell you about staff walk-outs and resignation of some Lebanese AJ journalist due to 'anti-Regime' bias on the channel. This same journalist has helped set up a new Arabic news channel (Al-Mayadeen) which includes a show presented by George Galloway.

    The right to resist is universal: A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad’s apologists

    On 06.20.12, By Max


    I was forced to conclude that unless I was prepared to spend endless stores of energy jousting with Assad apologists, I was merely providing them cover by keeping my name and reputation associated with Al Akhbar.


    Yet the mere existence of Western meddling does not automatically make Assad a subaltern anti-imperial hero at the helm of a “frontline resisting state,” as Ghorayeb has sought to paint him.


    In the end, Assad will be remembered as an authoritarian tyrant whose regime represented little more than the interests of a rich neoliberal business class and a fascistic security apparatus. Those who have thrown their intellectual weight behind his campaign of brutality have cast the sincerity of their commitment to popular struggle and anti-imperial resistance into serious doubt. By denying the Syrian people the right to revolution while supporting the Palestinian struggle, they are no less hypocritical than the Zionists who cynically celebrate the Syrian uprising while seeking to crush any iteration of Palestinian resistance. In my opinion, the right to resist tyranny is indivisible and universal. It can be denied to no one.

    Read more:
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    Before I post the main comment, I should have given some background to the OP. Prof Joshua Landis is an expert on Syria having lived there. He was regarded as being a regime apologist and being close to the regime. He is also married to a Syrian Alawite who has family in the Syrian military. At this moment across the media I'd say he along with Fawaz Gerges are the most in demand commentators on the Syrian situation.

    For background on Prof. Landis (see article and comment section):

    The professor of propaganda
    Why is the world’s most-quoted Syria expert a flack for Bashar al-Assad?

    September 3, 2011 ​


    To my main comment. ​

    Remember a previous video of thousands in Homs swearing an oath? Here is another one from Deraa? Deraa was where the revolution began and has seen further shelling in the last few days.​

    A video titled:

    10s of thousands Lions from Daraa pledge to Allah, praise Muhammad, threatens Nasrallah | 9 June ’12

    [From Youtube info]:

    The free from #Daraa decides to renew their pledge to Allah, praise Muhammad {Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Salam} by the famous chant of "Our eternal leader is our master Muhammad!" and then end off by threatening Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah, for his betrayal to the Syrian revolution!​

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    Forgive me for posting again. The recent Massacres in Houla and Al Qubair have resulted in denials of responsibilty and blame. Regime propagandists even claiming the victims were Shia and massacred by rebels.

    Just came across a regime supporter posting a link to an 'incriminating article' and stating that the regime must leave:

    The article:

    Survivor says slaughtered Syrian village had been warned not to shelter anti-Assad activists

    June 8, 2012

    A massacre that took as many as 80 lives in Qubeir may have had its origins in a warning that government sympathizers issued to the village’s residents against harboring known anti-government activists.

    A resident of Qubeir who survived the massacre said Friday that the attack took place shortly after an activist wanted by the government, known as Abu Hassan, went to Qubeir. When an army unit based nearby was notified of Abu Hassan’s presence, it began to shell the village and then sent in six tanks, accompanied by local militiamen, who killed the villagers with gunfire, sticks and knives.

    “There had been threats against the village before not to harbor people who are wanted,” said the resident, who used the pseudonym Laith al Hamawy for fear of retaliation from the Syrian government.

    Read more here:
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    An update on Sh. Yaqoubi’s twitter directed us to a new statement on facebook. Google translation of the arabic statement:

    What have we done to save the people killed
    Sheikh Muhammad Abul Huda Al Yacoubi

    Steadfast to our people in Syria … The sectarian system the offender is trying to exterminate the population of cities and villages in the Sunni Homs, Hama, Latakia and works to scare people with murder, rape and burning people alive and the demolition of houses and the bombing of residential areas with artillery and rockets. The provisions of the religion and the principles of morality and human brotherhood, we had to loot all for the defense of our brothers in these areas by all means of peaceful and military to thwart the planned system. The rights of our brothers we have in these affected areas that the looting of relief and help to ease the pain of living by collecting donations and provide food and medicine to the needy and shelter for the displaced.

    We reiterate the call for soldiers and officers in the Syrian Arab Army must dissent and disobeying the orders of the leadership. The army can not fight the enemy of the homeland, but kills people and destroys the country. The people who take up arms in the face of the system have no connection with terrorism and had no connection to extremism, , but people are not tired of injustice and slavery, revolted against the tyranny obligatory victory Msttia them all. It knows all capable negligent in this duty he will stand in the hands of God and that he will ask why feet. It is able to strive for God and graciously blessed him for he himself is one of two goals: either victory or martyrdom. It could not carry weapons Vliqdm money, opinion and condemnation of the actions of the system and urges people to go out, the people in our energy you can do a lot more that we offer.

    Abu Dawood, Imam Ahmad: "No man let down for granted in the position of violating the sanctity and detract him from his display, but let down by God in the place like a victory, and no man will grant victory to Muslims in a position detract him from his display and violated its sanctity, but may God assist him in home like a triumph.

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    The Shabiha State Causes Horror – the Unraveling is sure to Speed Up.

    Saturday, June 9th, 2012

    The sectarian nature of the end-game is becoming ever more brutal and naked. The massacres at Houla and Mazraat al Kabir reveal the sectarian logic of the regime stripped down to its elemental barbarity. Bashar has nothing left but fear. Hafiz al-Assad build his state on traditional loyalties — family, village, tribe and sect — but he was scrupulous about building alliances to every segment of Syrian society. He exploited the anxiety of age-old historic grievances and religious distrust, but he was vigilant about keeping the hair of Muawiyya extended to all. With one hand he held the gun, but with the other he offered a carrot. Bashar has lost the ability to offer carrots. He has no future to promise, only the gun. The regime is left with only the ugliness and inadequacy of sectarian logic.


    Most importantly, however, Syrians have abandoned the regime in spirit, even if they have yet to defect in body. Sunni Syrians continue to go to work and turn up in their offices in the morning, but they hate the Assad regime in their hearts. Assad’s army has being taken over by shabiha and security forces manned exclusively by Alawites. The massacres leave no doubt about that. The Shabiha seem able to call in artillery bombardments before sweeping in for the kill. They call themselves “Amn al-Assad,” Assad’s Security.

    Read more:

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