the word khata' خطأ

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    in taj al-arus, v1/p211

    taga v1p211.png

    khat'u or khata'u [with sukun or fat'hah on Taa] similar to waT'u/waTa'u

    ubayd ibn umayr recited it as khata'u [with the fath'hah] and khaTaa'u [with madd/elongation]

    hasan, sullami, ibrahim and a'amash have thus recited in surah al-nisa'a.

    it is the opposite of right, correct [Sawab]. "and he committed an error [akhTa'a]"

    in the qur'an: "there is no blame on you in matters which you make errors of judgement"


    in lisan al-arab, under khata'a:

    lisan, p1192.png

    khaTa'u: that which is not deliberate.

    khiT'u: that which is deliberate

    in the hadith: "homicide [death of a person caused inadvertently] - blood money for which is such-and-such" and this is opposite to 'deliberate' /`amd [killing]. that is if you kill a man by your action - but you did not intend to kill him; or you did not seek to kill him when you hit him.

    the mention of khaTa'a and khaTee'ah is mentioned a number of times in the hadith.
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