"they(atoms) can't be divided even in illusion..."

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    How profound to consider a particle as an "illusion". With current studies of quantum physics, elementary "particles" are modeled as waves.
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    As Salamu 'Alaykum,

    If memory serves, the word we use for a component of matter known as an 'atom' comes from the Greek word Atomos, meaning indivisible. It was later that scientists found that the particle we came across was not indivisible, but the name stuck. In Islamic discourse, the Jawhar is the name given for the indivisible particle.

    Shaykh Abu Adam has an article on this:

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    Salam e masnun

    The following is attributed to Imam Ahmad Radha alHanafi, Rahmat Allahi Ta'ala alayh. could a brother, confirm, if the translation is correct, (http://www.alahazratnetwork.org/modules/booksofalahazrat/item.php?page=0&itemid=216 )?

    And, what is meant, by, "they(atoms) can't be divided even in illusion..." ?

    How does, this differ from atomic theory?

    Is it Maturidi ?


    The belief of Islam is that all bodies are composed of a very fine constituent which is known as 'Johri' (Atom) and with all those Atoms, the body is formed.


    "Near us, composition of bodies is atomic, that is by indivisible (part) particles where every single particle is an atomic dot, which actually doesn't have Length, Bredth and Height; they(atoms) can't be divided even in illusion..."

    [Fauz e Mubeen Darr Radd e Harkat e Zameen-Aala Hazrat]


    This the ur

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