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  1. Al-Ashabatu Al-Nujum al-Ihtida

    Salam alaikum:

    I have attached the response of Shaykh Muhammad Akhtar Rida Khan al-Azhari (Allah preserve him), Ra`is al-Markaz al-Iftaa Bareilly Sharif, called "Al-Ashabatu Nujum al-Ihtida"


    abu abbas

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    I was wondering the same thing a few monthss back
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    Muslim 75/2325:
    Muĥammad ibn Rāfiý narrates from Abu'n Nađr who narrates from Sulaymān from Thābit who narrates from Anas who said:
    “I have seen RasūlAllāh śallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam while a barber shaved his head; his companions were hovering around him and they did not wish [let] the hair to fall down except in a someone’s hand. [they eagerly scooped it and didn’t let it fall on the ground]”

    لقد رأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم والحلاق يحلقه وقد أطاف به أصحابه فما يريدون أن تقع شعرة إلا في يد الرجل

    Imām Muslim named the chapter: ‘The nearness of RasūlAllāh śallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam to the people and their seeking his barakah’ [bāb: qurbi’n nabiyyi álayhi’s salām mina’n nāsi wa tabarrukihim bihi]

    Bukhari 2731/2732:
    In an unusually long ĥadīth narrated by Úrwah ibn Zubayr from al-Masūr ibn Makhramah and Marwān [each validating the others] describing the events of al-Ĥudaybiyyah is this passage:

    Úrwah returned to his people and said: ‘O my people! by Allâh, I have visited kings and [among them] Caesar, Chosroes and an-Najāshi. By Allâh, I have not seen any of those kings revered by their cohorts like the companions of Muhammad revere Muĥammad!

    By Allâh, he would not spit [*] but his spittle would fall in the hands of [his] men [who would scoop it] and they would rub it on their faces and their skin. If he commanded them to do something, they hastened to fulfil it. When he washed [wuđū’], they almost fought over the washings. When he spoke, they lowered their voices in his presence; and they did not raise their eyes to look at him in awe..”

    [*] nukhāmah actually translates to phlegm or mucus. We must see what Imam ibn Ĥajar says in its explanation.

    Fabricated, indeed! Imām Muslim and Imām Bukhārī need to be taught the sunnah now. The salafi stupidity plunges to still greater depths.
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    Jazakallaho Khair brother.
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    Assalamo 'Alaikum,

    Every day Saudi Radio broadcasts Urdu progams for 3 hours, full of shirk and bida'ah stories. In this broadcast there is one program titled as 'This is not a hadith' [Yeh 'Hadith Nahi Hay], and in this program they denounce fabricated and weak ah'adith, not to doubt, most of them are those that go against their creed. In one progam they disapproved of one very famous 'hadith that is 'My companions are like stars, follow any one, you'll be on the right path' [Mairay Sah'aba sitaron ki manind hain. kisi aik ko pakar lo hadayat pa jao gay]. I just conveyed the meanings, words may be different. They said that Imam Ah'med 'Hanbal Radi Allaho 'Anh also disapproved of this 'hadith. They also denounced, based on the arguments of this 'hadith being rejected, that actions and words of sah'aba are not sharia'h decree ['hujjat].

    What is the true status of this 'Hadith Karim?

    In another program they deplored all transmissions narrating the acts of sah'aba Radi Allaho 'Anhum showing their excitement to get the Holly Hair of Nabi Karim 'Alaihi Salat wat Tasleem, and said that they all are fabricated. (Astqhfirullah Al-'Azeem).


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