those who deny ilm al-ghayb

Discussion in 'Tafsir' started by Mohammad Hassan Raza, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Assalaamu 'Alaykum Brother ..

    Brother Maulanax , I am very sorry for your inconvenience but I have got only the Urdu version .. I will Try Insha Allah Ta'alah to get one ..

  2. maulanax

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    hassan bhai any chance of a translation of that extract or even a part of it? pleeez!!
  3. hayaa

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  4. hayaa

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    I accept ilm e ghayb but was asking if a person who denies it is an innovator or kafir. Did Ala Hazrat speak about this?
  5. Done! :)
  6. chisti-raza

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    Send me a PM with your email. I will send you my copy:)
  7. Does anyone have a spare copy of the translated version of al malfuz??

    I am trying to get to the link and its not working. I would love it if someone can send me this book...i will pay for it no problems.
  8. Absolutely brilliant!!

    I read the entire extract (it's long) and it's very well written with clear as daylight proofs.

    Now I need to get myself a copy of the translated book, the link to which aqdas posted above.
  9. Jazakallah khair, aqdas. The website that has the book has broken links. I will try and google the book and see if I can find it on amazon.

    I did a search and here in Australia in all the indo-pak islamic centres and bookshops and they don't seem to have it.
  10. chisti-raza

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    I asked one of the brothers from to see if he can make something available to us from the translated version and this is what he has put up. I did not get a chance to read through the whole extract as yet though.
  11. Aqdas

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    yes, the whole of al-malfuz has been translated. details here. it's a must have book so anglophones, go get a copy.
  12. Aqdas, is the above discussion translated in English?

    If not, are there works of other ulamah who held the same view that have been translated into English?
  13. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    alaHazrat's discussion above on ilm al ghayb is concise yet so comprehensive.

    Daal di qalb meiN 'azmate muSTafa
    sayyidi alaHazrat pe lakhoN salam

    he put the love of muSTafa in our hearts
    abundant blessings on our master alaHazrat

    someone without bias will have no option but to accept it.
  14. Akhi Mohammad Hassan Raza, I cannot read Urdu. I am not Indian or pakistani. So any English, farsi or Arabic material will be much appreciated.
  15. Proofs extracted from Al-Malfooz!!

    Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Brothers and Sisters it took me a while for extracting proofs from Al-Malfooz .. regarding 'Ilm al-Ghayb ...

    Itis in Page no. 54 of the book Al-Malfooz Kaamil which I have at my home First Part

    Proofs of 'Ilm al-Ghayb of Huzoor Sallallahu 'Alayhe Wasallam from Qur'an Shareef and Ahaadees Shareef from The Book "Al-Malfooz" which are the Malfoozaat of A'ala Hazrat Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan Faazil-e-Bareilvy Raziallahu Ta'alah 'Anhu

    In Qur'an 'Azeem Allah Azzwajal Says (Farmata hai) see from Arz 30


    next page


    Next page


    Next Page


    These are some of the numerous proofs from Qur'an Shareef and Ahaadees-e-Karaam which Insha Allah shall satisfy everyone..

  16. 'Ilm al-Ghayb !!

    Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    For those who do not know or are confused regarding 'Ilm al-Ghayb plz go through the works of A'ala Hazrat Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan Faazil-e-Bareilvy Raziallahu Ta'alah 'Anhu like

    1) Al-Malfooz
    2) Hussam al-Haramayn

    and thousands of other works by numerous Jayyad Sunni Scholars ...

    I will also post some links related to it...

    Currently the best site which can provide you Marvellous and efficient links

    Links of the books which have the proof

    if you have time atleast go through the Malfoozat..

  17. the link didn't work for me brother.

    Can you please provide another link or fix the link. I would love to read more as i am not exactly sure what is meant by 'ilmul ghayb.
  18. maulanax

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    no sister i am not a mufti and yes that was my opinion but i personally would go according to what aqdas bhai says since hes more experienced and has provided proof.
  19. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Sayyid Yusuf Hashim Rifa’i, who is from the scholars of Kuwait, writes:

    See, on one hand, our Lord has clearly negated knowledge of the unseen for His creation as He says: No one in the heavens and the earth knows the unseen but Allah and in other verses, He has affirmed knowledge of the unseen for His Messengers wherein there is no room for doubt such as: Except to him whom He chooses as a Messenger. All these verses are true and having faith in them is necessary and denying any of them is to deny the Qur’an. Hence, whoever totally denies and does not believe in knowledge of the unseen is a denier of the verses of affirmation and whoever complete affirms and does not deny at all is a denier of the verses of negation. A believer is someone who believes in all verses and does not attempt to take the path of differentiating so as to affirm some and deny others.

    [Adilla Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah, p.30-31, Kuwait]
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    so what is the status of deos,wahabi salafi etc(not referring to the scholars).

    on the second thought this topic is broad one has to explain eloborately

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